Give Your Skin a Glow From King Cobra Venom – Venin Royale

Venin Royale - Pure King Cobra Venom

Everybody wants to look younger and combat the signs of aging. What if you could get a more youthful and radiant look from an unlikely source – King Cobra venom.

Dr. Paul Reid is a noted neuroscientist and international peptide biologics expert and has developed Venin Royale, made from King Cobra venom.

Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum is an ultra-premium renewal serum scientifically formulated by Dr. Paul Reid. The formula was enhanced with pure King Cobra venom.

Dr. Reid believed after studying the benefits of King Cobra venom for over twenty years, he was uncovered the secret to renewing the appearance of youthful skin.

Powered by Neuropeptide Renewal Technology™ Enhanced with Pure King Cobra Venom, Venin Royale also includes Red Marine Algae as well as the following Vitamins – A, B6, C, D3 & E.

According to Dr. Reid, the results of many who use Venin Royale are impressive. The skin care serum helps fight the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots in addition to other visible signs of aging skin. At the same time, the skin care serum allows the body to renew and restore skin clarity, tone, and texture to a more youthful and radiant look.

Dr. Reid’s was quoted, “Women who are truly dedicated to rediscovering their youthful radiance should include Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum in their daily skin care regimen.”

Venin Royale is available in a 50 ml / 1.7 Fl. Oz. bottle. You can purchase or learn more at


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