For Sale: Luxury Villa Antinori near Florence, Italy

Villa Antinori near Florence, Italy

Looking for luxury real estate in Italy? Now you can own the luxury Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni near Florence, Italy. This incredible property was once owned by one of the great Tuscan families in all of Italy.

Between the years 1498 and 1517, Villa Antinori was owned by the Del Giocondo family. If you are not aware who they were, Lisa Del Giocondo is believed to have been the subject of the world famous Mona Lisa. This iconic painting, also named “la Gioconda” was painted by Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci around the year 1505. Lisa del Giocondo was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

Villa Antinori can be found only five kilometers from the renaissance city of Florence. At the beginning of the XX century, Marchioness Nathalie Antinori participated in the redesign of both the villa and spacious garden. She was assisted by Egisto Paolo Fabbri, who was her brother. He was also an artist and architect. The luxury villa’s layout remains to this day.

As you enter the property, you drive up a meandering driveway with large cypress trees on both sides. You stop to park near the beautiful Italian garden. The entire property measures 27 hectacre in size. The garden was designed by Cecil Pinsent, an English architect.

The main building measures 2,800 square meters. If you include the custodian’s house, a chapel, plus other onsite buildings for agricultural use, the surface area grows to 3,700 square meters.

Luxury Villa Antinori - Florence, Italy

The interior of the main house is spectacular. You’ll notice elegant furnishings and incredible craftsmanship in all the detail work. The current owners are proud to share the results of their complete renovation project.

Chianti Classico is located in the heartland of the famous, Chianti wine region in Italy. If you have a keen eye, you will notice that the facade of the luxury Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni can be seen on one of the brand’s own wine bottle labels.

When discussing Villa Antinori, Lionard Luxury Real Estate founder Dimitri Corti was quoted, “This is one of the most interesting historic homes which we have in Tuscany, on of the most requested regions in the luxury sector.”

We work with the best luxury real estate professionals around the world. If you are looking to purchase a high-end property like Villa Antinori, please let us know. Return again to follow this luxury blog and keep up on the latest real estate news.

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