First Modern Pre-Fab Outdoor Shower by Oborain

Oborain Pre-Fab Outdoor Shower

Although the hot days of summer are winding down, many people still enjoy outdoor backyard activities with friends and family. When we hear the term “outdoor shower” we often think of swanky beach houses and luxury vacation rentals.

Well Oborain is trying to change that and bring the joy of showering in nature to a larger selection of environments. Oborain is proud to have developed the first modern pre-fab outdoor shower – combining the perfect blend of nature, design and technology.

The Oborain pre-fab shower combines an enclosure and fixture as one complete package that’s simple to assemble (in about 30 minutes), flexible in both size and configuration, as well as easy to plumb.

This first modern pre-fab outdoor shower by Oborain is constructed with both precision and detail in mind.

Built from a stainless steel frame, hardwood decking, mahogany wall panels, it also includes a sleek modern fixture: The Axor Citterio 3-jet showerhead.

The outdoor shower can be installed either as a permanent structure, or as a temporary shower. This flexibility allows it to moved from place to place in addition to being stored during the cold months of winter.

The Oborain shower is available in a variety of different sizes including: Solo, a single shower; Duo, double shower or single shower with changing area; Trio, a large customizable shower.

Below are product specs and pricing.

Solo Libre (without doors – if privacy is not an issue) – $4300
Solo – $5200
Dimensions: 3.5′ w x 3.5′ d x 6’11” h

Duo – With changing area – $7900
Duo – A shower for two – $8800
Dimensions: 7’w x 3’5″d x 6’11” h

Trio – $8800 – $12,000
Dimensions: 7’L x 7’L x 3.5 ‘ deep x 6’11” h

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