Farbod Barsum – Luxury Handbag and Accessories Designer

Farbod Barsum - luxury handbag
Farbod Barsum

Farbod Barsum is a luxury handbag and accessories designer and he launched his company in 2010.

Farbod Barsum is an industry leader creating handcrafted wearable art in beautiful, exotic skins and offer a commitment to quality, luxury, and refinement.

Born of a passion for classical styling paired with modern vision in composition, Farbod Barsum also provides his customers with the finest in high fashion accessories.

The company’s handbags boast the softest and most supple in Alligator and Ostrich skins. Using only the finest materials, Farbod Barsum’s commitment to quality shows through the attention to detail given to each and every luxury handbag design, and is often compared to Hermes.

Combining his experience by working for some of the most prestigious fashion houses as well as architectural design work, Farbod Barsum was ready to present his visions of iconic style to the world. He launched his fashion house in 2010 after an apprenticeship in The House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive where he worked side by side with the late designer.

Retail prices for  Farbod Barsum line of luxury handbags including his signature styles: “Empress”, “Candis”, and “Mona” range from: $6,500 to $32,000.

For addition information about Farbod Barsum, please visit: http://www.farbodbarsum.com/


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