Facundo Rum Collection Travel Bag For Spirit Connoisseurs

Facundo Elevated Holiday Gift Set

The FACUNDO Rum Collection is the first luxury collection that includes four, rare sipping rums – sourced from the private rum reserves of the Bacardi family.

Just in time for the holiday season, the FACUNDO Rum Collection is now offering a limited-edition FACUNDO Elevated Holiday Gift Set and is available in select high-end liquor stores.

This ultimate gift set for fine rum connoisseurs comes in a plush, Italian leather travel bag with the monogrammed initials of the recipient debossed right into the leather.

What makes this gift set unique is that each item in the luxe bag was hand-selected. You can now enjoy your fave libation wherever you travel. The personalized leather travel bag includes:

· 2 BACCARAT “Harmonie” Tumblers: Since its creation in 1764, Baccarat has been synonymous with luxury, a catalyst for celebration, and the favorite among Royalty, Maharajas, Presidents, and all who enjoy expert craftsmanship and timeless elegance. These unrivaled qualities make the hand-crafted Harmonie tumbler the perfect vessel for the hand-blended FACUNDO rums.

· 2 Bittermens Bitters: Bittermens is an American-made, small batch bitters comprised of organic ingredients making it the go-to accouterment for high-end cocktails. Add a dash of Boston Bittahs or drops of Burlesque Bitters to round out FACUNDO NEO or EXIMO Old-Fashioneds.

· Brizard & Co. Cigar Humidor: Premium, hand-made Brizard & Co. humidor sourced from San Francisco’s Wingtip, a social club and “one-stop shop” for modern gentlemen. Wingtip collects and curates the best men’s products, similar to how FACUNDO’s Master Blender hand-selects each rum.

· Colibri Cigar Cutter: Since 1928, Colibri products reflect classic styling and superb functionality. Like the Collection, rich in heritage and built for the modern day Renaissance man, the cigar cutter is the ultimate accessory.

· Member Card: The card grants access to exclusive FACUNDO events and opportunities in major cities including New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Other luxury bar accessories for rum-sipping delight that are included in this amazing set are: mixing glass, bar spoon, jigger, leather bound journal, Powermat charger, premium lighter and ashtray, leather-wrapped ice bucket, plus an ashtray.

Customers who purchase the FACUNDO Elevated Holiday Gift Set will aso receive the complete FACUNDO Rum Collection, which consist of four of the rarest and most exquisite rums sourced from the Bacardi Family Private Reserves. Included rums in the collection are – EXQUISITO, EXIMO, NEO and PARAISO.

The incredible FACUNDO Elevated Holiday Gift Set is now available in the following U.S. cities – New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco.

Retail price is $5,000 in the above cities and available in limited quantities of only 10 per city.

If you are interested in purchasing a FACUNDO Elevated Holiday Gift Set, please contact us today. Follow our popular luxury blog and read about other news in the spirit and wine industry plus other luxury holiday gift ideas.


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