Excellent Italian Food at Bencotto Italian Kitchen in San Diego

Bencotto Italian Kitchen - San Diego restaurant

The phone receptionist at Bencotto Italian Kitchen said we were very lucky to get a reservation for two at 7:30 pm (the same day), but that she just had a reservation cancellation. Good sign or bad sign? — We’ll just have to see … but we expect a wonderful fine dining experience.

Arriving, we were promptly seated at a table for two overlooking the restaurant on the second floor, (good table to view the goings-on). We were ushered through a vibrant scene that seemed to grow by the minute. Animated conversation permeated the atmosphere, as everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves – (a good sign).

Our Bencotto Italian Kitchen server, a young lady named Corrie welcomed us and gave us the low-down on their specials. A Napa Valley Alias Chardonnay ($11) and a Birra Moretti (Italian beer) ($7) were ordered to start things off.

A shared appetizer of eggplant parmigiana ($14), was ordered and was delicious. My son then ordered the Bencotto house lasagna alla bolognese, (meat and besciamella sauce) ($18), and I ordered house-made gnocchi al formaggi, (excellently prepared potato dumplings in a beautiful Alfredo-type sauce)($16). Both were excellently prepared. — All pastas are freshly made on the premises, which is definitely a plus.

Lastly, a complimentary after-dinner offering of Lemoncello topped the evening off. Unfortunately, there was no room in our satisfied tummies for dessert.

This wonderful place must be a gold mine! Food this delicious served in such an electrically vibrant atmosphere has to be a recipe for success.

If you’re looking for a quiet intimate atmosphere where hearing every spoken word is important, you may want to consider another restaurant. However, if you desire some of the most excellently prepared Italian food in San Diego, Bencotto Italian Kitchen is a must!

Buon Appetito!

Enjoying a fine dining experience is always a great time to spend with friends and family. When in San Diego, be sure to eat at Bencotto Italian Kitchen restaurant. If you need help booking your next luxury travel itinerary, contact us today. Be sure to stop back to follow this luxury blog and read more fine restaurant recommendations.

Author: Val Patacchi
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