Esteemed Linens Stylist & Design Consultant Liz Barbatelli Debuts New Consultancy, Bringing Unrivaled Expertise and Vision to Homes, Hotels and Brands

Liz Barbatelli interior designer

Globally sought-after fine linens stylist and designer Liz Barbatelli has today launched LIZ BARBATELLI, her new design consultancy offering clients the opportunity to engage her expert creative direction on behalf of their brands and projects.

Barbatelli will continue to directly work with her esteemed clientele of interior designers, homeowners, and yacht and aircraft purveyors. As a result, she will provide an expansive capability of consulting services while sourcing from, but not limited to, her bespoke E. Braun & Co. marque. Plus, she will continue to offer limited edition product lines and accessories from her many manufacturing partners and exclusive artisan workrooms to further style their interiors.

She has expanded her business to consult with manufacturers, distributors, and international clientele. All can engage her sophisticated and artful eye on behalf of their brands in many different ways. By pulling from her vast background of working with established designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Barbatelli will work directly with a manufacturer’s design team. Therefore, they can develop and curate entire product collections prior to going into production.

Barbatelli will expand upon her collaborations with Interior Designers, a community with whom she has collaborated and consulted throughout her career. In this role, she will provide custom style and design consulting for estates, homes, and boutique hotels, sourcing from the finest in luxury bed, bath and table designs from E. Braun & Co., as well as other select brands and collections –

No matter what your design needs are, Liz Barbatelli should be your only choice for expert and professional consultancy.


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