Enjoy Your Stay in Boston with Unique Amenities at Revere Hotel

Revere Hotel suite - Boston

Revere Hotel suite - Boston
Photo: Revere Hotel

The Revere Hotel is located in the heart of Boston’s Theater District, making it the perfect place to stay to see the very best Boston has to offer.

But to continue to find ways to pamper its hotel guests, the Revere Hotel has created a list of amenities that range from a helpful gadget that will boost energy levels throughout the day to a tasty turndown treat in the evening.

Below are the unique amenities now offered at the the Revere Hotel in Boston.

· “Fitness Fluff & Fold” Program – Ideal for guests who stay at the hotel often and may not wish to constantly carry their workout gear back and forth, this complimentary program allows guests to leave their gym clothes/sneakers with the hotel, which will be washed, dried and folded upon their next return.

· Kindles – Paying tribute to Boston’s incredibly important, deep-seated past, Revere offers its guests the option to rent out Kindles pre-loaded with books that help tell the story of the city’s rich history. Kindles can be obtained for a $100 deposit and used throughout the stay.

· Bully Boy Vodka – Bottled exclusively in 750 ml bottles for Revere as an in-room spirit. Bully Boy Distillers is a Boston’s first craft distillery specializing in small batch spirits located about a mile from Revere Hotel is Boston’s historic south end. Each bottle is labeled and numbered by hand making it the perfect take-home souvenir.

· Gourmet Popcorn Turndown Service – Revere Hotel has forgone the traditional turndown amenity of mints or chocolate in lieu of gourmet popcorn created by Executive Chef Bader Ali. Flavors have ranged from Curry to Snickerdoodle to Red Wine Burgundy and have allowed the brand the opportunity to offer a healthier and more unique amenity that is also a homage to its location in the heart of Boston’s theatre district.

· Skoah Bath Amenities – Revere offers nine different Skoah (http://www.skoahboston.com/) bath amenities in every guest room, including invigor-mint shampu/conditioner, smooth talk body wash and a pH balancing gel cleanser. All of Skoah’s products are loaded with high performance plant extracts and peptides, vitamins, minerals, organic compounds, and actives to ensure they generate the results they are supposed to. Guests who fall in love with a particular scent can purchase the product in the lobby to take home.

· Personal Oxygen Devices – also known as PODs, these portable oxygen devices are available in all suites for an à la cart charge of $40. The POD delivers a rich source of clean, fresh oxygen and provides a natural source of balance and rejuvenation – perfect for reviving oneself after running around the city all day. Sleek at 7″ tall and 1.75″ in diameter, the oxygen bottle can be used with one hand and can easily fit into a purse, backpack and jacket pocket. It weighs only 2.5 ounces when full and lasts a full 40 breaths of pure clean oxygen.

· Pillow Menu – To help ensure that guests obtain the most peaceful slumber possible, the hotel offers a carefully curated pillow menu. With just one quick phone call, guests will be able to select the one that is right for them, whether it be a side sleeper, back sleeper, anti-snore or hypoallergenic pillow.

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