Las Vegas Art Museum

Art lovers and backers of the Las Vegas Art Museum have decided that the museum needs its own permanent spot, instead of the rented space at the All-American Sportpark.

A recent story in the Las Vegas Sun states that donors haven’t decided whether they will purchase an existing building or build a new one. One thing they do know, is to not have an interim rental space.

For the past 10 years the Las Vegas Art Museum has been sharing a building with the Sahara West Library in Summerlin. There is 7,000 square feet of exhibit space and it hosts an education program for about 7,000 students a year.

The initial plans for the new museum call out a much larger facility and an education program for 30,000 students annually. If everything goes as planned, the Las Vegas Art Museum will finally have a permanent spot for the first time in the institution’s 58-year existence.

But more than that, the Las Vegas Valley is a dynamic metropolitan area that needs a thriving arts community, and that means a permanent art museum. It is an important step toward helping Las Vegas grow into a world-class city.

With plans for the Smith Center for the Performing Arts already under way, it gives the Las Vegas Art Museum the permanent home it deserves would be an excellent next step. It’s about time!


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