Enjoy Parrotfish Run at Royal Chundu – Zambia’s Newest Luxury Resort

Royal Chundu Lodge - Zambia
Royal Chundu

Royal Chundu is the newest luxury resort in Zambia and perched on the banks of the Zambezi River upstream, from magnificent Victoria Falls.

One of the biggest celebrations in Africa is the famous Parrotfish Run. This event marks the journey of millions of fish that are caught in the main stream of the Zambezi River as the fish swim down the river for miles, much to the benefit of local fishermen.

Parrotfish Run kicks off on June 1 and is both a local and seasonal event that occurs between June and August. Parrotfish Run is hosted by the luxurious Royal Chundu hotel.

Royal Chundu is comprised of two luxurious lodges: the River Lodge holds 10 spacious riverfront suites while the Island Lodge has 4 exquisite villas located on private Katombora Island.

Hotel guests at Royal Chundu will have the special opportunity to take part in this cultural event occurring near the property where they will see catches like the prized African Tigerfish to the iconic and vibrant Parrotfish.

View how local fishermen use hand-woven baskets made of reeds and palm tree leaves to catch the fish. A significant fact is that the amount of fish caught provides enough sustenance to last the local villages an entire year.

In addition, the Parrotfish Run coincides with a natural phenomenon known as the Lunar Rainbow. While the typical rainbow appears through direct sunlight, the rare Lunar Rainbow occurs from light reflected from the moon’s surface. From the vantage point of Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the experience is unlike any other.

For wildlife lover, visiting Zambia and staying at Royal Chundu is ideal. The luxury hotel is perfectly situated among unspoiled southern African wildlife such as elephants, crocodiles, hippos, and over 400 species of birds.

Royal Chundu offers all of the classic Victoria Falls activities but with a more private and exclusive location. While at the lodge, guests can experience canoeing trips, sunset river cruises, fishing and birding excursions, cultural village visits, fine dining and much more.

For learn more about the annual Parrotfish Run and Royal Chundu, please visit www.royalchundu.com


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