Las Vegas Sky Diving – Ultimate Adrenalin Rush

Las Vegas Sky Diving

If the thrill of the casino blackjack table isn’t your bag, or the dealer at the casino is taking too much of your money, don’t get too bummed. Just strap on a parachute for some exciting Las Vegas sky diving!

Take the fall and enjoy a picturesque view of Sin City and its beautiful surroundings while free-falling from 10,000 feet in the air. There will always be time to find that dealer and get your money back. What an Adrenalin rush!

Skydiving fanatics will be glad to tell you that there is nothing like leaving the airplane, free-falling as if flying, then coming to earth gently under a canopy of colorful fabric. If the scenery below happens to be the Las Vegas strip or the magnificent desert around this city, all the better.

Many tourists and one-time thrill seekers have this experience, choosing Las Vegas skydiving in tandem with an experienced instructor. This is just one of the methods that newcomers can choose as an introduction to an amazing sport.

With the many options for solid training and expert instruction available, Las Vegas skydiving has become a favorite destination in the skydiving/parachuting world.


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