Enjoy Great Food and Ambiance in Many New Orleans Restaurants


New Orleans, Louisiana is known for fantastic food and has over 1,400 restaurants to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether its seafood, sausage, chicken or even okra going into your gumbo, it’s going to make your taste buds come to life.

Be sure to enjoy a steamy bowl of gumbo when visiting New Orleans. A typical gumbo recipe includes okra that’s simmered for several hours in roux. It consists of both flour and either oil or butter.

There are several New Orleans restaurants that have been serving great meals to patrons for a very long time. For example Antoine’s is celebrating its 175 year anniversary. Amazing! Other incredible New Orleans restaurants include Commander’s Palace, Arnaud’s, plus Brennan’s, which recently finished a restaurant renovation.

With great restaurants, comes great chefs. Chef Alon Shaya is a James Beard Award-winning chef at Shaya. Or stroll down to St. Roch Market, where you can try various food vendors led by promising new chefs. For foodies that like to enjoy a supper club, which has been a popular fine dining experience, stop in to dine at Dinner Lab.

The “Big Easy” also offers numerous food festivals all during the year, where you sample and try out delicious foods.

Once you get your fill of great food, be sure to explore the city and discover the rich culture and arts that New Orleans offers. Joie de vivre is French for “joy of life” and that motto is deeply rooted in this city. It’s a cultural hotbed and resonates everywhere you look.

The city has long appreciated the arts and you can wander among its many museums and galleries. For example, the The National WWII Museum has now become the top visitor attraction.

The New Orleans Museum of Art is found in City Park, which is one of the oldest and largest urban parks found anywhere in the U.S. Newly reopened, check out the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, celebrating the culture of the America’s historic South.

Two other obvious choices to visit are the Contemporary Arts Center and Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Regardless of your choice, the vibrant arts scene in the Crescent City will definitely not disappoint.

New Orleans is such a unique city with Southern charm. It’s a perfect city to explore its culture and love of food by dining in one of many New Orleans restaurants.

The Life of Luxury can assist planning and booking your luxury travel reservations to Louisiana. Enjoy the magnificent food choices and a VIP experience at the numerous New Orleans restaurants. Be sure to return again to read our luxury blog for more travel tips.


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