Enjoy a Glass and Savoir the Wonderful Wines of Chile

Vinedo Chadwick wine

When discussing the top wine producing countries, Chile isn’t a name that often comes up. The current top 5 countries are Italy, France, Spain, United States and Argentina. Chile is surprisingly number 6 and higher than Australia, South Africa, China and Germany. Given that wine industry fact, what a treat to be able to sample the wonderful wines of Chile.

In Chile, four unique climactic regions can be found. What makes them all so interesting, is the diversity of the four regions. These areas are very popular for vacationers as well as producing some of the top wines.

Enjoy a light pinot noir while laying under the sun on a Pacific Ocean beach. How about a crisp sauvignon blanc while you take in beauty of the steep Patagonia glacier. Enjoy the the Atacama desert with a dry chardonnay. Go high into the mighty Andes Mountains and taste a glass of full-bodied cabernet.

In addition to their fabulous taste, the wines of Chile have been receiving much deserved attention. Of course receiving a perfect score of 100 is the dream of every wine producer. One particular Chilean wine named Viñedo Chadwick by Errazuriz was scored 100 points from James Suckling, who is a respected wine critic. This achievement was the first a wine from Chile received a perfect point score. As a red blend, Viñedo Chadwick comes from one of most famous wine regions in Chile – Puente Alto in Maipo.

Le Cite du Vin is the new wine museum in Bordeaux, France. It hopes visitors will experience the amazing world of wine firsthand. The wine industry has a long and rich history. The new wine museum showcases all of the major wine producing regions from all around the world. Many wines of Chile were part of the large scale, Le Cite du Vin inauguration.

Achieving the title of Best Sommelier is long battle of the world’s best. The competition to be the best in your own country is tough enough. Then the best from 58 different countries square off. Marcelo Pino was the top Chilean Sommelier and was proud to take 24th place overall in the world competition.

Asia continues to be a lucrative target market for wine producers. At the recently held VINEXPO Hong Kong event, fifty different wineries were present and shared the best wine of Chile to the world.

For those interested in trying some wonderful tasting wine from Chile, we wanted to share four bottles that won’t break your bank.

William Cole Albamar Sauvignon Blanc Casablanca Valley 2014 (Suggested retail price of $12 per bottle)
Calcu Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua Valley 2012 (Suggested retail price of $14 per bottle)
Garces Silva Boya Pinot Noir Leyda Valley 2014 (Suggested retail price of $20 per bottle)
Errazuriz Max Reserva Chardonnay Aconcagua Valley (Suggested retail price of $20 per bottle)

We have access to many of the most expensive and rare wines in the world. Our concierge specialists can help you. Please also consider the wines of Chile for your next social event. Follow our luxury blog and keep up on more wine industry news.



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