Dunhill Cufflinks: Be Proud of Possessing to Make An Impression

Dunhill Cufflinks - Motorities wood steering wheel
Dunhill Cufflinks

For those who know how to tame luxury and for those who breathe style, Dunhill is a prerequisite possession. The design house is known for its inclination towards exclusive and sumptuous designs. If you own a pair of Dunhill cufflinks, your prestige status is sure to go up.

Since men do not have as many occasions as women to flash accessories, cufflinks hold a special place in a man’s wardrobe. A Dunhill exudes its own charm and style, and words are not needed to tell the onlooker that yes, you know how to create a fashion statement.

Back in 1893, when Alfred Dunhill inherited the saddlery business from his father, he had some unusual plans in his mind. In those times, London saw a great rise in the demand for automobiles. An automobile was strictly a rich man’s identity symbol.

Dunhill sensed how profitable an automobile based business could be and he jumped into the scenario with something which his predecessors had never seen. He developed a line of accessories called ‘Dunhill’s Motorities’. The collection included leather coats, travelling bags, stationery and cuff-links shaped as automobile spare parts. He made luxury his domain.

Dunhill is synonymous with luxury. The cufflinks the company crafts, are true works of art. Sterling silver, a material highly trusted by jewelers, is used in these luxury cufflinks. It is an alloy of silver and copper with silver forming over ninety percent of its composition. Sterling silver is stronger and more durable than pure silver, while possessing all the latter’s charm.

In appearance, it resembles white gold and platinum but is cheaper. However, the cufflinks do not betray this humble origin. They carry their aura with elegance. While the lowest priced cufflinks can cost you somewhere around $250, those coming from its exclusive, limited edition line can go as high as $10,000.

The cufflinks are largely known for their automobile inspired designs. Most often, you can spot a Dunhill shaped in the form of a steering wheel or its spokes. Submarines, sharks and anchors have also served as design inspiration. Those with a taste for bling can check out Dunhill’s range of diamond encrusted cufflinks. These gems add an intriguing brilliance to the cufflinks.

The company’s products are of the finest quality and their make speaks of its rich history. They truly stand apart with their counterparts. The company’s philosophy is to combine style with durability, and no one else knows it better than a proud owner of Dunhill. They can withstand harsh weather conditions in any part of the globe, making them a perfect travel accessory.

A quality which is very rare in the fashion industry, these accessories can be your friends for life because neither their durability, nor their design can be outdone. However, what it will expect from you is periodic polishing. If wood has been used in the design (which is normally the case in steering wheel shaped cufflinks), rest assured that it won’t chip off.

If you have the eye for luxury and a fat purse, nothing can stop you from owning this prized possession.

Author: Amanda Kidd


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