Ducati Official Art – “Desmo” a Photographic Art Collection

Ducati Official art collection - "Desmo"
Ducati Official Art Collection – “Desmo” – ©Elizabeth Raab

“Desmo” is a beautiful photographic art collection by Elizabeth Raab presented by Ducati Official Art.

The intriguing Ducati Official Art Collection unites Ducati aficionados, bike enthusiasts and artists to give motorcycle design a new form of expression.

The “Desmo” art collection is an exploration of the aesthetical relationship between the female body and the mechanical body of iconic Ducati bikes.

The “Desmo” collection includes sixteen unique photographs, expressing abstract qualities of the organic and mechanical forms, highlighting both the complexity in design and the emotion of iconic Ducati motorcycles.

The art collection utilizes a unique color palette of the motorcycle that extends from the framework to the features of the model. The model is in an extension of the bike herself.

Elizabeth Raab is a photographic artist that specializes in automotive and creative portraiture imagery.

Raab’s unique images will often contain a visually strong emotional sensuality that crosses the boundary between her subjects and objects.

Elizabeth’s career in the arts started with her move to Rome, Italy in 1999 where she lived for two years working in creative portraiture before returning to her native North West in 2001.

Elizabeth Raab is a respected artist and her work has been featured in exhibitions and many areas of publication in the US and Italy.

The artworks from the “Desmo” Collection are reproduced exclusively in numbered editions.

Each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and limited edition, guaranteeing its collector value, and available exclusively at www.ducatiart.com


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