Dos Lunas Grand Reserve – Luxury Tequila

Tequila is famous around the world for its unique taste and bouquet. It’s also the great mixer used in Margaritas, that have become one of the most popular cocktails ever.

If you thought that tequila was anything but a luxury, then you need to read about this one! El Paso’s Dos Lunas brand is all set to unveil the Dos Lunas Grand Reserve. An aged tequila of 10 years, then carefully poured into hand-blown Baccarat decanters.  The price tag is a staggering $2,500 a bottle.

The officials of the company stated that this extra a’ejo would set a new record in the expanding class of luxury tequila. Richard C. Poe II, owner of Dos Lunas remarked that the company aimed to produce world’s best tequila which included a striking presentation of the drink by its attractive packaging. The company plans to bring out only 1,000 bottles of the lavish drink.


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