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Igloo Lodge - Greenland

It’s winter and not many travelers consider the Arctic as a top destination. But you would be surprised. Discover the magic of Greenland with an incredible stay at Igloo Lodge.

Now adventurous travelers have a new way to experience all the Arctic has to offer. The best way to have an authentic experience is to stay in an igloo. You will feel like the Intuit people and become one with their traditional culture. So you can actually stay in a hand-built igloo.

Igloo Lodge is a small village in Greenland, made up of five different igloos. These spacious igloos can sleep up to two people. As a result, they are intimate and perfect to immerse yourself.

The word “igloo” translates from an Inuit word – iglu. It’s from the mid-19th century and means “house.” An igloo is basically built from large blocks of snow. Hence, each block is custom cut with a snow knife.

Based on the different sizes, that are cut out in different sizes with a special snow knife. In Greenland, igloos are solely used in the northern part of the country. Therefore, this is due to the sea becoming frozen during the cold winter months.

Although it is quite cold outside, no worries. These igloos at Igloo Lodge are built and designed to keep their guest warm. Inside, you will find warm sleeping bags and reindeer skins. Plus, there is a petroleum lamp located on a night table.

One of the the amazing facts of an igloo, is the inside temperature. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside. As a result, the interior usually stays around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s cozy and comfortable inside.

Off the Map Travel offers a 5-day 4-night Ilulissat Igloo Experience package. Available for travel between January 2019 and early April 2019. The price per person to stay at Igloo Lodge is £999 or approximately $1,304 USD.

The fun-filled itinerary consists of three nights at the Hotel Arctic, then one night at Igloo Lodge. Also, you will enjoy snowmobiling and snowshoeing. In addition, there are two, amazing Northern Lights safaris. Your transfers to/from the airport is also included.

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Photo: Igloo Lodge


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