Discover Nature Up Close and Personal in Botswana, Africa

Botswana skybed

Have you dreamed of taking a luxury safari vacation to Africa? Botswana is a magical place to see nature up close and personal. Exotic wildlife and majestic surroundings await that lucky traveler who decides to visit this amazing country.

Offered by the the Blueflower travel company, who offers magnificent and pure travel experiences around the world. Botswana offers unique wildlife traversing both the desert and delta. The country can be found in southern Africa. About three quarters of this African country is comprised of the mighty Kalahari Desert.

But deep in the the bush, you can discover a camp like no other. In the middle of the Khwai Private Reserve, there are platforms from which you can see the wildlife everywhere you turn. But for a real VIP experience, Skybeds put you in the middle of the wild. Nowhere else can you get this close to nature.

After dark, guests are escorted to their skybed by expert guides. Animals roam through the camp. The raw sounds of nightlife engulf you. This is no ordinary Safari, but are part of it. Wow!

Botswana skybed at night

For many years, Botswana has captured the imagination of explorers and pioneers. You will be taken on a journey you will never forget. Discover the great expanses of the Kalahari. Within its vastness, you will be part of intimate proximity of the Skybeds. These skybeds are your key to the wild, but are not mere platforms. They are comfortable and stylish accommodations. You will be in the middle of quite literally, all that Africa offers.

Safely in your lantern-lit Skybed, the starry sky of Botswana opens up. As a result, the song of wildlife will provide the entertainment for the evening. It’s a luxury vacation you have always dreamed of. Therefore don’t wait any longer. Time has come to take action and stop just dreaming.

The great expanses of the Kalahari are home to some of the world’s most exciting wildlife. Seeing the variety of animals is impressive. Lions and elephant and much more! What better vantage point, but from a raised platform in the middle of a private reserve.

In addition, night drives in Botswana are a great way to see carnivores and more elusive species. Your expert guides will be your interpreters. Their knowledge is impressive as your navigate this excursion to the wild. Safety is the top issue 24/7.

Are you ready for an Africa safari in Botswana? It’s a VIP experience you will ever forget. Let us know if you are redy to book your dream vacation. Our luxury blog brings the best in luxury travel to you. We hope you will enjoy!

Photos: Blueflower


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