Crossing the Bridges of Hanalei

Hanalei River bridges - Kauai

You can find a covered, one-lane bridge at the bottom of the hill as you descend from the town of Princeville into Hanalei Valley on Kauai – Hawaii.

As cross over the bridge, you arrive in an amazing emerald-green kingdom that seems to transport you to another world.

The one-way steel bridge, is the only access to the Hanalei Valley. But the scenic bridge is just the beginning. You will have the joy of crossing over seven more from the entrance into the valley to the very end of the road at Ke’e.

Years ago, you couldn’t find any bridge that crossed over the Hanalei River. Back in the 1800s, flat ferry platforms were connected to steel cables that ran back and forth across the Hanalei River at the location near where the existing bridge can be found.

Over the years, there has been much discussion to tear down the bridge and replace it with a larger concrete bridge. The concern is the large increase in traffic and larger vehicles traveling into the scenic valley.

The bridge has undergone extensive repairs, but so far the bridge’s character has remained the same.

So enjoy your visit to the beautiful Hanalei Valley, and hope the old bridges remain forever and preserve this pristine part of the world.


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