Creed Perfume – A Scent of Luxury

In a world where new fragrances pop up seemingly every day from people who were born in the 80s (like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson), wearing a fragrance bearing the name of the family who has made it since before you were born, since before the United States was born, in fact, can be a serious statement of refinement and maturity. It also puts you in a pretty select group.

Perfume company Creed was founded in 1760 in England and about one hundred years later moved to Paris, where it is still headquartered today. Creed has designed fragrances for royalty and celebrity alike. Creeds fragrances are still mixed by hand, and contain more natural ingredients than any other French perfume house.

They have created over two hundred original fragrances. While Olivier Creed, the sixth generation, is now at the helm, his son and daughter both work in the business as well, which promises to stay in the family for the foreseeable future. Olivier travels the world to find the choicest (and often most expensive) of ingredients.

The oldest fragrance still in Creeds lineup (they currently produce 48 different scents) is Royal English Leather, which was created for King George III of England. You probably remember him as the guy against whom we fought the Revolutionary War.

One of Creeds fragrances, Fleurissimo, was designed for Grace Kelly as a wedding present at the behest of her groom, Prince Rainier III of Monaco. A floral scent, it combines Bulgarian rose, tuberose, violet, and Florentine iris. Kelly and the prince were married in 1956, and the fragrance endures today, a textbook definition of a classic. It was also a favorite of American icons Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Madonna.

Originally designed for Cary Grant and now worn by the likes of Clint Eastwood and George Clooney, as well as some women, Creeds Green Irish Tweed is spicier, but with some of the same notes as Fleurissimo, such as Florentine iris and violet. It also adds sandalwood, ambergris, and French verbena.

The house of Creed has not rested on its laurels in recent past, though. Current Master perfumer Olivier Creed created Silver Mountain Water, inspired by the French mountains. Departing from more famous muses, Creed designed this fragrance for himself, though it is a unisex cologne. Its predominant scents are green tea and black currant. It is worn by British soccer star David Beckham, while his wife Victoria, formerly of the Spice Girls, prefers Creeds Royal Water.
Article by: Cathy Peterson


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