Classy Crocodile Leather Luxury Handbags From Hermes Birkin

Hermes Berkin Crocodile Leather Purple Amethyst handbag

The sublime yet distinct is the nature of such luxurious creations which have been used to bribe the tender women kind for centuries now and for once, you may blame it on Paris rather than Rio.

The French, who may be now bordering on their affinity to the nouvelle et farouche, but are, even today the undisputed champions of eternal luxury. The French Fashion House Hermes Birkin Style Bags are true to this long tradition, doing honest justice to the aura of its name sake diva Janes Birkin.

For some, this coveted crocodile leather bag may be an unusual gift for her, but the one which is sure to please every fashion worthyeve and a short glimpse to their unison will explain every onlooker that why God lies in the details.

The lust for the leather equals to a no stopping craze for the stylish leather hand bags. Every female shopper will agree to an undeniable adrenaline rush with her each tiny purchase but the real magic unleashes with the luxury possessions of the timeless kind, especially the ones that knock on the latest trends.

It is this fad that compelled Digital luxury Group UK to carry out the 2012 fashion survey, the same group that gave us the World Watch Report. The survey findings revealed that American women preferred the orange colored Hermes Birkin style hand bags but their French counterparts were more enticed with the black color of the same design.

The same survey puts the United Kingdom ahead of all the countries in the list when it comes to having fascination for designer hand bags and interestingly enough, country specific loyalty to certain top brands was also noticed.

The just revealed masterpieces are created around the uber cool woman who reflects a long heritage of riches and for whom luxury is a way of life; the Hermes diva will give only front row attendance else won’t be there at all and will perform all this and more with pedigreed élan whilst garnering awe from either gender.

Bang! Bang! Bang! And the HERMES is yours; In case one wants to please a true lover of bags then an unusual gift for her could possibly be an exquisite and vintage piece won through a bid made on an online auction. Such auctions are a chance to avail rare bags that are owned by VIPS or certain styles that your woman once lusted for but disappeared from the store shelves before she could reach them.

The regular suspects featured in these auctions include highly coveted names such as Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton among others. Exotic crocodile Hermes Birkin handbags in stark colors such as purple or green are a favorite pick in such sales events of the hi-fashion circuits.

Tote Bag to the Modern Hobo, the luxe hand bags have been an evergreen fashion accessory that appeals to women across the continents and have significantly evolved over the decades of runways and design extravaganzas. The journey has today concluded with a need to mark personal fashion statements and rightly enough the increasingly available quirky colors and shapes come in designs like:
• The modern hobo bag,
• An evening clutch,
• A tote bag,
• Muff fur bag and
• Satchel

The quality of materials and the constructional details still however remain the vital areas those define a few brands as the pinnacle of style and others as fashion untouchables. Expensive materials such as Crocodile or Eel skin are not only exotic but a stronger substitute to cow, pig and sheep leather.

The Elite Fashion Houses and their near perfection artisans strive recklessly to create that show stopper tag that echoes the vibe of the world’s most pricey and elegant handbag to be owned by the ultra-genteel only.

How Much? Is though not of concern to its suitors but mentionable are the prices of these bags that start at a $6,000 and going upwards to as much as $150,000 each, again undeterred are those who most often wait as much as couple of years to possess a bespoke Hermes bag before it finds the rightful place into the female closet.

Socialites, celebrities and actresses can barely resist the temptation to be photographed by the paparazzi with their trade mark Hermes hand bags and thus the name Hermes Birkin (style) bag christened after Jane Birkin.

The bags churned out under this brand name are not just stylish but extremely practical and spacious scoring high on the usability scale, as well the versatile and stylish color schemes and textures used. Textures such as velvet could compliment a classic look on the other hand crocodile (these hides are most sought after as they are rare and expensive) or snake skin bags complete a chic appearance.

Pamper your woman with this unusual gift for her for she is born with a natural instinct to consume and get attracted to items that will highlight her social worth. A sure seduction is what the latest and exotic crocodile leather bags offer, letting out an age old secret about an inherent weakness, all womenfolk possess!

If you want to purchase a Hermes Birkin handbag, please contact The Life of Luxury and one of our fashion product specialists will assist you.


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