Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere – Absolutely Stunning


Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere show at the Treasure Island (TI) hotel, is like being awake during one of your most bizarre and with wonderful dreams, and it’s quite an incredible ride.

The stunning Las Vegas show invites its guest to venture into a magical world filled with brilliant colors and bizarre creatures on a wild journey to the edge of human potential. Intrigued yet?

Mystere experience begins before the curtain rises with classic Las Vegas entertainment, as two clowns come out to play tricks before the large audience and on each other. The demonstration is a very light hearted note and helps the time to pass away while the audience is seated.

As the clowns direct you to your seat, they playfully hold onto your tickets and take you on a wild goose chase before you’re safely seated.

As show begins, that’s when the real magic starts. It’s a variety of  acrobats, bicyclists and the music is so beautiful and  haunting that it will absolutely leave you mesmerized.

No matter which direction you look, there is always non-stop action. You’ll see athletic skills unlike anything you have ever experienced. In addition, the sets and costumes are simply beautiful.

Sometimes the whole experience seems like a surreal dream or like that you have just stepped into the mind of Salvadore Dali. It’s a parade of  graceful ballerinas, gigantic Snails, dashing heroes and total buffoons.

Your senses are often pulled in different directions. Half of the time you will be mesmerized and the other half you will be laughing yourself silly.

There are many amazing stage shows in Las Vegas but Cirque du Soleil is a must see. It is not the aquatic splendor of  O or the Beatlemania of Love, but is the perfect cameo of what a Cirque show should be.

All the show’s performances are of top quality and the entertainment experience will definitely be appreciated by all ages.

Mystere has a wonderful sense of intimacy to it. It’s feels like you are privy to your own private show or an intimate glimpse into a mystical world of magic.

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