Cigar & Cognac Lounge – A Royal, Monte Carlo Treat

Andre's Cigar & Cognac Lounge - Las Vegas
Andre’s Cigar & Cognac Lounge

Located upstairs from Andre’s Restaurant inside the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, you will find the warm and welcoming Cigar & Cognac Lounge.

Immerse yourself in the Cigar & Cognac Lounge and enjoy ultimate privacy while enjoying a fine cigar or spirit.

With the seductive aroma of fine cigars in the air, the cracking of the nearby fire, relax and enjoy a spirit, maybe an aged cognac, in luxury style.

Cigar & Cognac Lounge features rich leather decor and intimate lighting.

You will find an incredible selection of fine cigars and spirits to choose from. If you’re unsure what to choose, don’t worry. Allow the experts to help recommend a professional cognac and cigar pairing.

Cigar connoisseurs will be in for a royal treat. The majority of the cigar selection comes from Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

So no matter whether you’ve just finished a fine dining experience at Andre’s Restaurant, watched a show in the Monte Carlo Theatre or just want to unwind after a full day of sightseeing or gambling in Las Vegas,  it’s the perfect way to cap off a dinner at Andre’s, a show in the Monte Carlo Theatre or to simply wind down before turning in for the evening.

The Monte Carlo Cigar & Cognac Lounge houses an amazing selection of rare cognacs and Armagnacs in their ornate bottles that shouldn’t be missed.

For more info on the Cigar & Cognac Lounge in the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, please visit: Cigar & Cognac Lounge


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