I Spirit Vodka – Taste of the Original Italian Vodka

I Spirit Vodka - fine Italian spirit
I Spirit Vodka

Four Italian tastemakers have collaborated and released a classic recipe and the original Italian vodka: I Spirit.

The partnership between famed restaurateur Arrigo Cipriani (proprietor of Harry’s Bar), the enterprising Lapo Elkann of FIAT family fame, Friulian distiller Marco Fantinel and Venetian entrepreneur Francesco Cosulich, produced I Spirit Vodka which is the essence of culture, taste and Italian flavors from yesterday and today.

I Spirit is a traditional recipe from the northeastern region of Italy. The I Spirit Vodka palette is a bright crystal, with elegance on the nose. The flavor is warm and velvety, reminiscent of the ingredients from which it is made.

In 2009 at the same Harry’s Bar where Ernest Hemingway enjoyed his fine vodka, Arrigo Cipriani and Lapo Elkann − two Italians with a global outlook − get together and revive the myth of Italian vodka.

Critics have fallen in love with the great taste of I Spirit Vodka. I Spirit Vodka scoring an impressive 91 at their first tasting competition at the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York.

I Spirit can be served over ice, neat, or in an array of delicious tasting cocktails. I Spirit Vodka is perfectly matched with fresh Italian-grown produce, such as basil, cherry tomatoes or wild berries. I Spirit has a suggested retail price of $34.99 for a 750 ml bottle, or $39.99 for a 1 liter bottle.


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