Cherchbi of England Introduces Handmade Messenger Bag

Cherchbi handmade messenger bag

Referred to as the Louis Vuitton of wool, Cherchbi takes a holistic approach to fashion and accessories.  Cherchbi has long used The Herdwick to create its exquisite bags.  The Herdwick is an ancient breed of sheep that received its name from Old Norse.

Evolved to adapt to the cold, wet, rugged mountains of England’s Lake District, these extraordinary sheep have the incredible ability to survive extreme conditions.

The result: a type of fleece that is sturdy and warm, yet thick and coarse, designed to extreme wear and tear.  The Herdwick’s bristly nature makes it difficult to spin.  However, advocates recognized the Herdwick’s value in rural British heritage, and began experimenting ways to use the Herdwick’s sturdy nature to its advantage.

It started out as carpets and even as building insulation.  But in 2007, Adam Atkinson transformed the Herdwick fleece into handmade, high-quality tweed, alchemy in wool to produce beautiful and durable bags.

The new Cherchbi Archive Messenger Bag encompasses four years and nine weaves of innovation and trial and error.  Handmade entirely in Britain, this bag is handsome enough for professional use, yet sturdy enough for everyday use.

Each Cherchbi handbag is made from specially woven English Union fabric, a waterproof cotton/linen herringbone material, with multiple exterior and interior pockets for practicality.  Exclusively available on Bench and Loom, the Archive Messenger Bag is prime example of the tenacity of Atkinson and the remarkable Herdwick sheep.


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