Cher, Center Stage At Caesars Palace

Celine Dion is stepping down after years of success headlining at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Whoever took her place would have some big shoes to fill.  I think Caesars did just fine with their choice.

Cher is the epitome of glitz and glamour and will bring the proverbial house down at Caesars. Las Vegas symbolizes the pinnacle of capitalism where money morphs into a chip in a game, where could you find a more appropriate place for an American icon?

At Caesars Palace Cher won’t just be a former sex symbol and idol from the 1970′s she’ll become enthroned as a immortal siren, glittering and perfect like a rhinestone. Luring you into the place where the basis of our society (money) so clearly becomes an abstraction. All meaning will melt away into an atmosphere of glamour.


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