Celebrate Love With Your Valentine in Pacifica, California

Pacifica Beach

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Express your love with a wonderful weekend getaway in Pacifica, California. Pacifica is an active, beach-front community south of San Francisco. This vibrant city has fun filled, indoor and outdoor activities all year long.

Pacifica is a popular coastal destination for both locals and travel visitors to California. It’s also the ideal place for a romantic retreat to rekindle your love or celebrate a special occasion. With Valentine’s Day approaching, consider Pacifica, California and all this ocean front destination has to offer.

Pacifica is short 15 minute drive from the “City by the Bay” San Francisco. But you quickly leave the big city feel and become immersed in this West Coast gem. Located on famous Highway 1, Pacifica provides visitors a rich cultural heritage. The free-flowing bohemian vibe is evident and makes this coastal town such a unique place to experience.

Are you looking for a great place to propose to your special someone, share a romantic moment with your companion, or enjoy each other’s company by the beautiful Pacific Ocean? We want to share 10 romantic places in Pacifica, California to express your love and kiss the love of your life. Make it a memorable, VIP experience to always remember.

1. Rockaway Beach features dramatic, crashing waves that stimulate all five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and sound) and provide the perfect setting for romance.
2. While embarking on an exhilarating hike along the flanks of Montara Mountain, which towers 2000 feet above Pacifica, couples can jaunt through the Blue Gum Eucalyptus forest with striking glimpses of coastal Pacifica and the ocean beyond.
3. The Mori Point coastal walk wends along a rugged coastline and sets the stage with little corners that lend themselves to amore.
4. For those that want to get their groove on, head to Nick’s Restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night when the restaurant/bar provides great live dancing music.
5. The advanced terrain of Sweeney Ridge includes a range of wildlife and a plethora of both native and introduced spring wildflowers. The sandy coastline and adjacent wind-protected valley of Thornton State Beach are good venues for picnicking, beach walking and “necking.”
6. In addition to a great selection of wines and tapas, A Grape in the Fog is an intimate venue that provides live music on weekends and features a few select corners of the wine bar for sharing affection.
7. Sam’s Castle has a history of great allure. In order to snuggle up in one of the interior rooms or on the expansive exterior deck that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, couples will want to check out one of the exclusive tours (available January 30; February 13; March 19; April 9; and throughout the year)
8. Perhaps one of the most romantic restaurants in Pacifica, the Moonraker Restaurant overlooks the crashing waves at Rockaway Beach and offers a menu of critical acclaim.
9. While not a conventional activity for those in love, waking up at the crack of dawn to go crabbing at the Pacifica Pier is laced with romance as couples can catch their own Dungeness Crab to barbeque and share at any beach location of choice.
10. The robust Peruvian restaurant, Puerto 27 looks out over the crashing waves of Linda Mar Beach and is perfect for those that want to share a range of tapas and entrees as well as the sunset while it’s setting over the grand Pacific Ocean.

Pacific is also wonderful place to explore and discover the city’s surrounding, natural beauty. Pacifica is known as the fourth richest area in the world to observe marine mammal life. That is according to National Marine Sanctuaries of the West Coast.

Enjoy nature with a relaxing walk or a rewarding hike. Pacifica, California offers many, breathtaking panoramic vistas. Enjoy fabulous views on the area’s hiking trails. Explore the large beaches with a walking adventure along the scenic shoreline.

Make Pacifica, California your choice for romantic getaway anytime of the year. We can help plan your itinerary and make all your travel reservations. Read about other luxury travel destinations by following our luxury blog.


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