Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge Offers New Taino Steam Baths and Custom Packages

Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge
Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge

The popularity of a relaxing spa treatment continues around the world.  Many people believe these soothing and detoxifing treatments offer various health, physical and spiritual purifications.

Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge, nestled in the Dominican Republic’s pristine southwestern Bahoruco Forest and one of the Dominican Republic’s most eco-friendly boutique hotels, is offering brand new Taino Steam Baths and Temazcal therapies at its renowned Tanama Eco Spa.

These soothing and purifing new treatments are tailored for those seeking a green indulgence.  Enjoy a mystical treatment designed to cleanse the body, invigorate the mind, and awaken the senses.  Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge can create a custom eco-friendly spa package perfect for travelers and spa enthusiasts seeking a relaxing escape into ancient prehispanic cultural traditions.  Whether a mother daughter bonding trip or a bridal getaway, you will enjoy a spa package designed especially for you.

Located in a serene jungle oasis and made of rustic natural materials, the spa’s new Temazcal igloo shaped structure symbolizes the womb of mother earth. Within the structure, the cleansing ceremony combines the four elements – earth, air, water and fire – to purify and harmonize the mind, body and spirit in line with techniques going back to prehistoric times.

Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge
Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge

During the ceremony, copal incense and herbs are placed on vibrant red volcanic rock.  Inside the Temazcal, participants in the ceremony sit in a circle where the herbal steam from the hot rock begins a process of purification through perspiration. At the conclusion of each treatment, guests emerge renewed with the Temazcal eliminating uric, lactic and alkaline acid from the blood stream and balancing the body’s PH levels.

Tanama Eco Spa is offering spa enthusiasts to an all-encompassing jungle experience at the Dominican Republic’s top organic spa.  Casa Bonita’s two new Taino Steam Bath treatments being offered will pamper and spoil guests with treatments meant to transport the guest into the heart of mother earth.

Taino Relaxing Bath

This soothing treatment begins with an aroma therapy session inside the steaming Temazcal. Seasonal local herbs such as Rosemary, lemon, noni leaves, orange leaves, basil and guayuyo leaves are placed on the volcanic stones, infusing the air as you enjoy a relaxing massage and scalp treatment.

Duration: 60 minutes / Cost: $75

Taino Detox Bath

Organic ingredients such as coffee and cacao enrich the Temazcal steam with rich antioxidants and nutritional benefits during this cleansing therapy. The treatment culminates with a clay massage, which hydrates the skin as the sound of the river lulls the guest to a state of pure relaxation.

Duration: 90 minutes / Price: $110

Visit Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge website at or call (800) 961-5133 for further information.


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