MajClub Wellness Centre in Paris

MajClub Wellness Centre pool
Courtesy of: MajClub Wellness Centre

The luxurious Villa & Hotel Majestic in Paris features the stunning 4,800 square-foot MajClub Wellness Centre.

The new luxury spa features revolutionary treatments that were designed by Céline Claret Coquet, the creator of Clé des Champs, which is an organic line of products inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

Coquet has created an innovative face lifting treatment through the use of acupuncture and gold needles, that provide spa guests with 100% natural rejuvenation.

The innovative treatment consists of only three, painless, simultaneous actions. Well trained spa therapists provide their guests with 100% natural rejuvenation.

MajClub Wellness Centre - acupuncture
Courtesy of: MajClub Wellness Centre

Céline Claret Coquet explains, “The first step is an acupuncture session, to relax and harmonize the body’s energy. This is followed by a facial lifting created by acupuncture, which considerably improves the skin’s elasticity by stimulating the facial muscles and encouraging microcirculation. The third step involves a natural beauty prescription using Clé de Champs beauty treatments, optimizing the benefits of the acupuncture lift.”

MajClub Wellness Centre offers other simply scintillating treatments, including deep cleaning facials using extracts of seasonal products to nourish and tone the skin, combined with stimulation of acupressure points to regain balance.

MajClub Wellness Centre - massage
Courtesy of: MajClub Wellness Centre

Bodywork is just as holistic. The “Turina” massage, for example, restores the flow of energy throughout the body by stimulating pressure points, preparing the body to face the challenges of each season.

MajClub Wellness Centre is located in the lower level the Villa & Hotel Majestic hotel. The Centre raises the bar among its closest competitors thanks to the variety and quality of its treatments and facilities.

Additional spa amenities at the MajClub Wellness Centre include: blue-tiled hammams, infrared saunas, a fitness facility with Technogym equipment, a heated indoor lap pool, teakwood chaise lounges for relaxing and more.

MajClub Wellness Centre
Courtesy of: MajClub Wellness Centre

The Villa & Hotel Majestic has quickly distinguished itself as one of Paris’ best properties since its debut earlier this year.

The Villa & Hotel Majestic is a contemporary sanctuary located just steps from the world famous Champs-Elysées. The luxury hotel has 52 guestrooms and suites that offer classic décor with modern accents.

Many of the hotel’s accommodations have spacious private and landscaped balconies that bring the beauty and elegance of Paris to the forefront.

For more information, please visit: Villa & Hotel Majestic


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