Carthusia – The Scents of Capri! Exquisite Perfumes for Women

Carthusia Capri Perfume

Carthusia is a small niche perfume house from the Italian island of Capri, which is well regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

All of Carthusia’s perfumes are made from the highest quality ingredients and the end product hand-wrapped. Women understand that a scent plays a truly important part on their moods and emotions.

The exquisite perfumes produced by Carthusia not only tell a tale of one of the world’s most beautiful isle (Capri) but also about the beautiful flowers which grow there.

Capri can be described as stunning, hypnotic, unforgettable and mythical. The air of Capri is filled with aromatic scents and they linger unaltered in one’s memory.

The evocative power of scents is rooted in tradition and ancient legends. Even today, nothing has
changed: working methods, the quality of the raw materials, the love with which each perfume is prepared, filtered and individually packaged by hand.

Carthusia offers a complete range of magnificent perfumes for both yourself and your home. The most classical Carthusia fragrances are expertly adapted into new formulas in order to please the most sensitive of noses.

This is the spirit of Carthusia – the scents of Capri!

Carthusia has introduced their latest line of products, including:

– Carthusia solid wax perfume

– Carthusia shower gel

– Carthusia body lotion

– Carthusia solid soap

– Carthusia room fragrances


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