Carbon Fiber Gold Collection Bags from Aznom

Aznom - Carbon Fiber & Gold Bag

Carbon fiber has come a long way. Not just limited to technical applications, carbon fiber is now being seen in fashion, design and furnishings of the top brands as it becomes a status of innovative luxury material.

Aznom just introduced its first collection of bags made of from carbon fiber. The bag’s fabric is woven with a 24kt gold thread via a patented process.

This stunning luxury bag features a fabric showcasing an elegant pinstripe effect that is produced by the golden thread.

Aznom has been a leader and refined their process over ten years in using carbon fiber to create design objects and leather goods. The company has also developed along with other partners new materials that are suitable for these applications.

Aznom was the first company to sew up the carbon fiber sheet with leather and creating a collection of handbags which have combined the tradition of Italian artisans to technical innovation.

They use a unique process that combines weaving, goldsmith’s art, technology and tradition, the base material used to manufacture the bags. Due to the special process, the bags are only produced in small batches.

The Carbon Gold Collection bags from Aznom are all carefully handmade in Italy by skilled artisans. Each luxury bag will be custom made upon a customer request. The bags can also be customized as needed.

Customers can choose the both the bag’s skin color plus have the opportunity to embroider their own initials with gold thread.

To learn more about the new Carbon Fiber Gold Collection Bags from Aznom, please contact The Life of Luxury.


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