Captain James Cook Monument

Captain James Cook Monument Waimea Kauai Hawaii

Captain James Cook was a British sailor who changed the course of history for Hawaii.

He sailed his two ships, Resolution and Discovery, into Waimea Harbor in January 1778. Cook was reportedly the first westerner to ever set foot on the Hawaiian islands.

Captain Cook had explored several of the Hawaiian Islands until he was tragically killed in 1779 on the Big Island of Hawaii. The reason was a petty dispute over a rowboat.

The monument of Captain Cook is located in Hofgaard Park, in Waimea on West Kauai.

Cook’s monument is actually a replica of the one that stands in his home town of Whitby, England.

From Highway 50 (West) from Hanapepe, Waimea is located around Mile Marker #23. The Captain Cook monument is located in the downtown area in Hofgaard Park.


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