The “Breguet the Innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon” Luxury Watch Exhibition

Breguet the Innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon" watch exhibit

Proud to be the world’s number one luxury watchmaker, Montres Breguet has quickly ascended to that position after being acquired by the Swatch Group in 1999.

Breguet features its “Breguet the Innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon” watch exhibit with the second stop in their U.S. tour – at the Tourbillon Boutique in Chicago.

The luxury watch exhibit features a fascinating retrospective of the most iconic mechanism ever created in modern watchmaking. The highly anticipated showcase has traveled across both Europe and Asia first opening in Geneva earlier this year.

Offering the most expansive contemporary collection of tourbillon wristwatches plus rare historic pocket watches, the Breguet watch exhibition presented a unique look into the brand’s horological legacy and it’s contributions to the future of watchmaking.

Today, the luxury watch brand continues to pay tribute to its founder and the innovation that changed timekeeping forever. “Breguet, the Innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon,” is truly a testament to the legacy of A.-L. Breguet and the impact of the tourbillon on his standing in European society.

The final stop in the Breguet U.S. tour will be New York City, from November 8th – 17th at the Breguet Boutique – 711 Fifth Avenue.

Abraham-Louis Breguet (A.-L. Breguet) was awarded the patent for the tourbillon on June 26, 1801 and is well recognized as the father of contemporary horology. The exhibit takes attendees back to the original tourbillon and its significance in today’s luxury watch industry.

This genius technological invention neutralized the effects of the Earth’s gravity in pocket watches. The result was the tourbillon offered tremendous precision in mechanical timepieces.

One of the priceless timepieces available for viewing at the “Breguet the Innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon” watch exhibition is a tourbillon repeater chronometer that dates back to 1812.

This legendary perpétuelle pocket watch with “à toc” quarter repeater is widely known as the “No. 5.” Also on display is the 5377 ultra-thin tourbillon that was introduced by Breguet at Baselworld earlier this year.

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