Blue Palace in Crete – Where Infinity Is Just A Step Away

Blue Palace - Crete
Courtesy of: Blue Palace

If mountains could grow hotels, then the Blue Palace in Crete would certainly be one such case, magically combining rugged, arid mountains with the warm, turquoise ocean, the cool breeze drifting in from the bay with the warmth of the rocks from which the villas, bungalows and private suites seem to have formed naturally over time.

There are few places on earth where infinity really seems to be something tangible that you can experience, yet at the Blue Palace, infinity is just a step through your veranda doors and into your private pool.

The Blue Palace is nestled within a picturesque, quiet bay that exemplifies the natural beauty that is Crete. With the well known coast of Elounda on one side, the ancient and majestic relics of Spinalonga Island on the other, the 251 stylish and contemporary rooms and villas enjoy one of the most remarkable locations.

Carved from the rocks down which the bungalows and villas appear to tumble towards the warm ocean, every room and every villa enjoys magnificent ocean views. With most villas and suites having their own private infinity pools, you can quite literally step from exquisite comfort to infinity in a single breath.

The Blue Palace has truly been designed to provide the perfect retreat to help calm and relax both the body and the mind, with infinity pools and a white pebbled beach both providing escape, and the exclusive Elounda Spa where thalassic pools are filled each day with fresh heated seawater drawn directly from the Cretan Pelagos, providing the ultimate in relaxation and therapy.

The Elounda Spa provides a range of Thalassotherapy treatments and is situated on the white pebbled beach on three levels, offering unbeatable indulgence that’s guaranteed to wear away the troubles of the other world you used to worry about. The other world seems to grow faint as the serenity and peace combines with the outstanding natural beauty of the resort to provide an experience which is likely to stay with you for a very long time.

But whilst all this luxury feeds the soul, the body needs feeding too – and the Blue Palace does not disappoint here either. In fact, with five restaurants to choose from you may find that deciding which one to choose each night is the most stressful part of your stay!

At the very top of the resort, boasting the most astonishing views across the Aegean Sea is The Olea Main Restaurant. The award winning L’Orangerie is where you’ll be able to choose from a range of Mediterranean dishes which use locally sourced ingredients, in addition to an enviable wine list.

Alternatively you may choose the Blue Door right on the water’s edge where the day’s catch will be served up with a traditional Greek salad, for a dining experience that’s one of the freshest possible. An Asian dining experience is available at the aptly named Asia Blue, where the menu includes dishes ranging from Chinese and Polynesian to Thai and Japanese.

The experience of staying at the Blue Palace – Crete, is one which might be considered the closest possible opportunity to fulfill William Blake’s suggestion to ‘Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.’


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