Ultimate Luxury – Tropical Hawaii is America’s Pacific Paradise

Tropical Hawaii is America’s Pacific Ocean paradise. Vacationers can enjoy world-class beaches and immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people. We can offer luxury resort vacations on the six major islands of Hawaii. We hope you enjoy reading below a brief description of each Hawaiian island. Tropical Hawaii awaits. Make your travel dream come true!

As its nickname indicates, the Big Island is the largest of the tropical Hawaii isles. The Big Island encompasses diverse landscapes in its 4,000-plus square miles. See black-sand beaches at Punaluu, coffee farms in the Kona region and rainforests along the Hamakua Coast. Kilauea in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Visitors are treated to scorching lava flows that meet the sea. Fields of lava rocks give way to beautiful beaches on the Kohala Coast, where some of the finest resorts and golf courses are located. Snorkelers should keep an eye out for green sea turtles here. The town of Hilo hosts the Merrie Monarch Festival, a weeklong cultural celebration that takes place each April.

Maui is famous for its beautiful beaches, championship golf and some great windsurfing locations. Hawaiian legend says that an ancient hero named Maui stood atop the island’s Haleakala volcano and lassoed the sun, slowing its descent in order to make daylight last longer. Nowadays, visitors can drive to the Haleakala Visitors Center at 9,740 feet and catch a spectacular sunrise. Lahaina, which anchors Maui’s west end, was a busy whaling town in the mid-1800’s and is now a thriving arts haven. Road warriors will enjoy driving the legendary Hana Highway, a narrow and twisting 64-mile route.

Maui sunset

Home to Honolulu, the state capital, Oahu is a mecca for beach worshippers, shoppers and surfers. Most resorts are located along the 2-mile stretch of sand at Waikiki Beach. One of the most popular Oahu landmarks is the USS Arizona Memorial. This incredible location is dedicated to the 2,335 service members and 68 civilians who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Royal heritage is on display at Iolani Palace. It is the official residence of Hawaii’s last two monarchs. November through February is the best time to watch the pros tackle the big waves at the North Shore, a prime surfing spot. The iconic Diamond Head peak rises above the Honolulu skyline. Hike to the top and enjoy stunning views to those who make the intermediate trek.

Emerald valleys, rainforests, taro fields and waterfalls create a lush spectacle in Kauai, known as “The Garden Isle.” Waimea Canyon has been dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” It offers lookouts that provide panoramas of the chasm, which is a mile wide and 14 miles long. Visitors can get a closer look at the velvety green, knife-edged cliffs of the Napali Coast by boat or helicopter tour. Also, try hiking the challenging Kalalau Trail. The Fern Grotto, once restricted to Hawaiian royalty. This big draw features a lava rock cave that’s draped in tropical foliage and accessible by a boat ride up the Wailua River.

Maui sunset

Lanai is Hawaii’s smallest inhabited island, and it offers top-notch beaches and golf (it’s home to a 6-star Four Seasons resort) and rugged adventures — like four-wheel-drive excursions to secluded Polihua Beach or hikes along the 13-mile Munro Trail through eucalyptus and pine forests. The isle’s central town, Lanai City, once was the hub of a thriving pineapple industry and still celebrates the tropical fruit at an annual festival in July. Today, it offers a collection of restaurants and shops situated around Dole Park.

Low-key Molokai still remains largely undeveloped and is the place to experience “old Hawaii.” The tallest point in its largest town, Kaunakakai, is a church steeple; the 80-year-old Kanemitsu’s Bakery draws long lines of locals for its fresh breads hot from the oven. Maunaloa is a small plantation town set in the hills, and it’s famous for the handmade kites produced here. Papohaku Beach is a broad swath of white sand that stretches for 3 miles, while the Kamakou Preserve houses rare plants — most found nowhere else in the world.

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Atlantis Submarine – A Magical Under Sea Adventure

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a trip to Maui, Hawaii should definitely include an undersea adventure in the state-of-the-art, 48-passenger Atlantis Submarine.

You will experience the incredible journey as part of the Atlantis Adventure submarine tour. This excursion will provide lifetime memories as you explore the amazing Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Maui, near Lahaina.

Atlantis Adventures, is the company that’s been long recognized as one of the primary tourist attractions on all of the Hawaiian islands. Their submarine fleet offers tours around the islands of Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

You will journey into a spectacular blue world about 130 feet below the surface in spacious, air-conditioned comfort.

Each Atlantis submarine tour begins with a short ride aboard the shuttle boat “Kapena” to the sub dive site. During the ride, you will see spectacular views of the Lahaina coastline and the Hawaiian islands of Molokai and Lanai.

It’s an incredible sight as you witness the submarine surfacing in a dizzying array of bubbles from the previous tour. You first step from the ferry to the submarine and board the impressive sub, then climb down a metal ladder into the Atlantis.

Atlantis Submarine - captain

The experienced crew goes through a thorough safety check, informing us there’s never been a problem in any Atlantis location – a perfect safety record!

The interior of the sub is very clean and spacious. The sub is also air-conditioned so passengers are very comfortable during the entire trip. There are thirteen large portholes on each side of the sub for easy viewing.

Each tour is led by knowledgeable and professional guides who provide interesting information about the marine environment. They also make the journey enjoyable by adding humor to make it a fun experience for all.

One of the highlights was viewing an old, 97-foot long German freight carrier called the Carthaginian. It was purchased and purposely sunk to create an artificial underwater reef. Over time, the shipwrecked Carthaginian has turned into a self-sustaining habitat for a wide variety of indigenous fish, sea turtles, coral, and other marine life.

Atlantis Submarine - Carthaginian

We were offered close-up view of the ship and the coastline’s exotic tropical reefs.We saw many different varieties of fish, including black tip sharks and sting ray. During the winter months, keep a close lookout because you may even see whales.

Another memorable moment was when the sub was carefully rested on the ocean floor sand. To monitor the sub’s actual depth during our descent, there is a large overhead digital display.  The display reading was 128 feet down.

After the incredible undersea journey ends, it’s time to rise back to the surface, hop on the shuttle boat and head back to Lahaina Harbor.

Hats off to the professional crew of Atlantis and the awesome excursion experience.

Atlantis Submarine
658 Front St
Lahaina, HI 96761-1269
(808) 667-2224

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New Herringbone Restaurant Coming to Hawaii

Herringbone is a popular ocean-to-table restaurant concept. Tropical Hawaii will become the latest destination for a trendy Herringbone restaurant.

Hakkasan Group is a respected, global hospitality company. This international brand has opened establishments in United States, Europe, Asia, plus the Middle East. The very first Herringbone restaurant opened in La Jolla, California near San Diego. There is much anticipation as the Herringbone Waikiki nears it grand opening.

The new Herringbone restaurant in Hawaii is scheduled to open later this spring. It is being designed by Ocio Design Group. They are utilizing elements from both the La Jolla and Santa Barbara restaurants. What is exciting is the inclusion of a fresh, indoor-outdoor design that will represent the tropical feel of Hawaii.

The restaurant’s ocean-to-table concept is being created by Chef Brian Malarkey. The result is spectacular. The interior design creates a coastal restaurant vibe. The building was a brick warehouse but cleverly utilizes its bow truss ceiling. Hanging down are a series of upside down boats and canoes. But not just for show, they have been morphed into light fixtures. The fixtures use vintage Edison bulbs and are surrounded by olive trees that are imported.

The goal of this new ocean-to-table concept restaurant is to source line-caught fish, in addition to the freshest products. Coming from the ocean, ranch and field, all menu ingredients will be obtained within only 350 yards from the Pacific Ocean. Now that’s fresh!

The Herringbone Waikiki restaurant will provide wonderful views. It can be found on the open-air, third-level of the Grand Lanai of International Market Place in Waikiki on the island of Oahu. Enjoy the incredible hanging gardens that will surround the expansive, 2,000-square-foot lanai. The wood and flora “walls” are made from weathered wooden boxes. Each include fragrant herbs, that literally hang from the ceiling at different heights.

The dining atmosphere will be spectacular. The majority of the seating will be on the lanai. The Herringbone Waikiki ambiance will definitely be relaxed. Enjoy your fine dining experience with leather wing back chairs plus teal-colored metal chairs. The chair cushions pair perfectly with the tables. They are made from blackened steel and zinc, weathered oak, butcher block, as well as white-washed teak. As a result, the feeling while you dine at the Herringbone restaurant seems un-rushed.

Plan a visit to Hawaii and be sure to dine at the new Herringbone restaurant on Oahu. Vacation in luxury on the islands of Hawaii. Be sure to come back again and follow this luxury blog for more luxury travel stories.

Photo: Herringbone Waikiki

The Tropical Beauty of the Hawaiian Islands Awaits

Aloha! Hawaii is that tropical oasis in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The chain of Hawaiian islands offers endless beaches, warm sunshine, beautiful waterfalls and lush scenery that rivals anywhere else in the world. Hawaii offers visitors the beauty of its land, an ethnic mix of people and a history rich in culture.

Simply, nothing matches the beauty and diversity of the Hawaiian Islands – from lava flows, to tropical flora and rainforests, to incredible waterfalls. There’s no better way to experience the full breadth and beauty of Hawaii than to visit one or more if its diverse islands.

Hawaii consists of an archipelago of tropical islands. The oldest islands are located to the northwest, and the youngest island, Hawaii (Biog Island), to the southeast. The Hawaiian islands have a volcanic origin that begin deep under the blue waters of the Pacific ocean.  Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island is regarded as the most active in the world.

There are six major Hawaiian islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii’s Big Island – each has its own distinct charm, yet differences that make them each very unique. Everybody should visit Hawaii at least once in their life.  Many make it an annual event and some even leave their busy lives behind and permanently move to one of the Hawaiian Islands.  Here is a brief summary of the six major islands:

Big Island:
The island of Hawaii is also called the Big Island and the largest of all the Hawaiian Islands.  The Big Island is definitely an island of extremes. The landscape varies from black sand beaches, to ancient rainforests, to endless fields of black lava rock, and of course towering volcanoes – Maunaloa and Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Fishermen are in luck too, as the island offers superb snorkeling and scuba diving, plus the deep-sea fishing that is truly world class. Another unforgettable moment is viewing the amazing Green Sea Turtle.

Kauai is aptly named the garden island. It is the oldest of all the Hawaiian Islands and was formed from volcanic activity approximately 5 million years ago. Kauai is an island known for both its scenic and cultural diversity. Princeville is one of the world’s finest resort communities offering world-class golf courses, luxury resort hotels and a shopping area. Along Kauai’s west shore is the island’s longest stretch of white sandy beaches. Nearby, you can visit Kokee State Park and magical Waimea Canyon. It’s largest canyon in the Pacific and often referred as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

About 140 square miles in size, the island of Lanai is the sixth largest Hawaiian island.  Lanai is recognized as experiencing some of the best diving in Hawaii. Lana’i is the sixth largest island in Hawaii. Known as the pineapple island, Lanai offers a much slower lifestyle as its hardly inhabited. The result is a soothing, calm and peaceful embrace. Approximately 98% of Lanai is owned by Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle.

Maui is the second most popular island, after Oahu. This lush Hawaiian island named the “Valley Isle,” provides an array of scenic beauty and also very popular for weddings and honeymooners.  Maui features towering mountains and beautiful rainforest settings. Plan a visit to Haleakala National Park with its famous volcano that rises to 10,000 ft. Get there early and experience the incredible sunrise that will leave a lasting memory. The famous road to Hana is the 68 mile, curvy Hana Highway.  The scenic road on along Maui’s east coast features dozens of small bridges, scenic waterfalls and plunging pools including the world famous Seven Sacred Pools.

If you really want to get away from everything, a visit to Molokai may be the ideal remedy. There are plenty of outdoor activities to try including, whale watching, deep sea fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking and horseback riding.  For a glimpse back in history, visit Kalaupapa Historical Park, which was the site many Hawaiians want to forget – the infamous Leper Colony from the mid-1800’s.

It’s the most populated of the Hawaiian islands and Oahu offers a wide array of activities. Waikiki is the most popular tourist destination in all of Hawaii, but is actually a beachfront neighborhood of the bustling city of Honolulu. The capital city offers terrific restaurants, art galleries and shopping for all different tastes. On Oahu’s north shore, you’ll find the best hiking and some of the best surfing in the world with many famous surf breaks and winter-time surf contests. Diamond Head is Hawaii’s most recognized landmark. The trail to the summit was first built back in 1908. The historic hiking trail offers stunning coastal views from the top of this dormant volcano formed about 300,000 years ago.

A visit to Hawaii anytime of the year is a magical experience. Hawaii features climate that includes mild and consistent temperatures all throughout the year.   round, moderate humidity, persistence of northeasterly trade winds, remarkable differences in rainfall within short distances, and infrequency of severe storms.

The beauty of Hawaii awaits you …. it’s a combination of breathtaking and incredible beauty that will stimulate the senses and have you begging for more.  Experience Hawaii just once in your life.

You will kick yourself for not visiting the amazing Hawaiian Islands earlier. Enjoy a VIP experience in this tropical paradise. We hope you enjoyed reading about the best of Hawaii. Mahalo!

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Kaanapali Alii – Maui Luxury Living

The Kaanapali Alii luxury condo property is located within Kaanapali Resort, just a three-minute walk from Whalers Village and a five-minute walk from Kaanapali Golf Courses.

The height of luxury, these oceanfront condominium units sit on 8 beautifully, landscaped acres right on scenic Kaanapali Beach on the beautiful, tropical Hawaiian island of Maui

A large outdoor pavilion and patio area with beachside barbecue grills and tables are available for picnics. Guests can also use a fitness room, freeform outdoor pool, children’s pool, and spa tub. It’s a VIP experience on Maui, Hawaii.

The seasonal Alii Kid’s Club at Kaanapali Alii provides supervised programs and special offers throughout the Kaanapali Resort available only to Alii Kid’s Club participants. Yoga classes are available to hotel guests every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (surcharge).

Three lighted tennis courts are on site, and guests have select privileges at the Kaanapali Golf Courses, located within a five-minute walk of the hotel.

Self parking is complimentary on the condo grounds. Valet parking is also available at this luxury Maui property offering luxury, oceanfront condominiums. The Maui property is close to numerous shopping, fine dining restaurants, outdoor recreational activities.

Kaanapali Alii offers four, 11-story, oceanfront towers that house 263 one- and two-bedroom condominium residences, each with separate living and dining areas and two full baths.

The condo units have private, furnished lanais with views of the Pacific Ocean, the West Maui Mountains, or the resort’s landscaped gardens.

Fully equipped kitchens at Kaanapali Alii have refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens, coffeemakers, dishwashers, cookware, and dinnerware. Other amenities include VCRs, washers and dryers, and in-room safes. You can also utilize the full service concierge services available to condominium owners.

If you are interested in buying a luxury Kaanapali Alii condo on Maui, Hawaii or booking a reservation for a luxury Hawaiian vacation, please contact The Life of Luxury. Return to follow this popular luxury blog and read about the latest luxury real estate and travel news.

Tropical Maui, Hawaii Awaits to be Discovered

There’s good reason people can’t help but come back for more of Maui. As any seasoned, return visitor to the tropical Pacific islands will tell you, it’s simply Hawaii for all tastes.

From the bronze bodies that line Ka’anapali Beach in west Maui, to the glitz and glamor of Wailea, to the remoteness of Hana, and just about anything in between, you’ll find your dream destination here – and the probability is, not just once but again and again.

The western side of this much-vaunted “best island in the world” named Maui, features some of the most concentrated beauty of this wonderful place. Protected and picture-perfect bays such as Napili and Kapalua offer safe swimming for both youngsters and adults, some of the best snorkeling in the area for everyone, and your choice of any number of smaller, low-key accommodations and condominiums with a smattering of rental houses thrown in the mix.

Honolua Bay offers some of the planet’s most fabled surf in season, and the endless golden sands and crystal waters of Ka’anapali are the stuff of Hawaiian getaway dreams, lined with large, modern hotels, and good shopping and dining.

Lahaina banyon tree on Maui
Lahaina banyon tree

Nearby historic Lahaina town is an easy drive from anywhere in the west with its colorful mix of art galleries, and island-style drinking and dining, not to mention its bustling harbor, a departure point for various activities out on the water. West Maui has something for everyone, all under the mantle of an agreeable, temperate tropical climate most of the year.

Head south to Wailea, and you might be forgiven for mistaking your surroundings for Beverly Hills. This is where the rich and famous stay and play: Premium shopping, dining, golfing and beach-going abound in this enclave of the very finest on the island. The beaches are glorious, the climate dry, the ambiance highly toned and luxurious. It’s the Hawaii-deluxe experience that you will find along this stretch of coastline, arguably unsurpassed anywhere else in the islands.

Not surprisingly, the counterpoint to Wailea lies as far removed from here as it is possible to be on a small island, on the very opposite side of the 10,000-foot dormant volcano of Mt. Haleakala. At the end of one of the most beautiful drives in the world, and a good few hours’ north and then eastward, is the Hawaii of old: the tiny unspoilt hamlet of Hana. The drive to Hana is amazing and so beautiful.

Road to Hana - Black Sand Beach

On Maui’s easternmost reaches, beyond the legendary surf breaks of the north shore and the sugarcane fields, here’s where you’ll find true peace and tranquility in a quintessential tropical rain forest setting dotted with waterfalls, bamboo forests and rustic roadside stalls. Accommodations are fewer but a good range of options does exist, and sandy strips like Hamoa Beach are uncrowded palm-fringed jewels. Hana is remote and may not be for everyone, but that’s what makes it the unique Maui experience that it is.

Wherever you end up staying on Maui, it’s hardly possible to leave and regret it. It’s a Hawaiian island small enough to see great diversity in short time and distance, yet big enough to leave something undiscovered for next time. I’d put money on it.

Do it once, and you too will be back for more of that tropical, Hawaiian paradise – Maui.

If you have dreamed of vacationing in Hawaii and staying on the tropical island of Maui, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help plan and book your entire luxury travel itinerary. If you like reading about amazing vacation destinations like Hawaii, come back often to read our luxury blog.

Yoga and Wellness Retreat at Lumeria Maui, Hawaii

Lumeria Maui is Hawaii’s leading retreat for the mind, body and spirit and have partnered with David Bernstein’s Life Force Project to offer two back-to-back yoga and wellness retreats this summer.

It’s important to heal your mind, body and spirit and take a break from the daily stress in our lives. What better place to do that but in tropical Hawaii.

Lumeria Maui is a six-acre, award-winning destination that employs leading teachers and wellness professionals. It’s the ideal way to experience holistic educational experiences, yoga, therapies, in addition to other age-old disciplines that have carefully been woven into Hawaii’s pioneering wave sports and adventure.

The two retreats are the “Enchanted Healing – A Yoga Journey Within” which will be taught by Bee Bosnak. This retreat is offered between July 25-31, 2015. Soon after the “Yoga for the Radiant Soul” retreat is led by Sibyl Buck and held August 1-7, 2015.

The Life Force Project develops international wellness experiences, workshops and customized programs that are focused on connecting, expanding and evolving lives. David Bernstein is both founder and owner of Life Force Project and created it in 2013 after discovering his own inspiration during a journey into mindfulness, health and well-being. He then decided to leave fast-paced world of finance behind forever.

Lumeria Maui, Hawaii wellness retreat

Bee Bosnak is a highly desired yoga teacher and healer from New York City. She will guide students during the “Enchanted Healing” retreat via her Heal Yourself program. The program explores the strength of the physical body and at the same time, releases both suffering and emotional burdens. By utilizing both pranayama and asanas to create a mind-body connection, Bee also uses meditations, mantras and both gentle vinyasa and restorative yoga to improve each student’s emotional and physical bodies.

During the “Yoga for the Radiant Soul” retreat at Lumeria Maui, Sibyl Buck who a former high-fashion model and worked at some the top fashion icons in France such as – Chanel, Yves St. Laurent and Alexander McQueen. Buck will focus on developing power and strength, plus body restoration and relaxation by way of her various classes. Sibyl’s classes will integrate muscle strengthening, body alignment, postures and guided meditations. The goal of the course is to revive the body and encourage students to explore their own inner dimensions of the essential self.

This years courses at Lumeria Maui continues its efforts as one of Hawaii’s premiere destinations for education and adventure for both your body and mind. Their programs feature holistic experiences that cover diverse areas of wellness arts and practices. Lumeria has a goal to always honor the rich heritage, culture and land of the Hawaiian islands. In addition, they want to integrate the property’s design, programming and teaching into all aspects of the Lumeria Maui experience.

Each retreat program includes resort accommodations on Maui, plus all planned activities and dining at Lumeria’s restaurant MuBu. MuBu sources its dining ingredients first right on the property’s own organic gardens. In addition, they utilize neighboring farms in upcountry Maui.

If you are interested in traveling to tropical Hawaii and attend one of the two, yoga and wellness retreats at Lumeria Maui, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help plan and book your entire travel itinerary. If you are looking for more luxury travel and health packages, return and follow this luxury blog.

Lumeria Maui in Hawaii – Ultimate Wellness Retreat

Located in Maui, Lumeria Maui is the leading retreat for the mind, body and spirit in Hawaii. This luxury retreat offers yoga, holistic educational experiences, therapies plus additional age-old disciplines that have been combined with the pioneering wave sports and adventure found in Hawaii.

Lumeria Maui was proud to have been recognized in Yoga Magazine (June 2014 issue) as one of the ultimate wellness retreats in all of North America.

Now you can experience Lumeria Maui by booking a Personal Wellness Escape Package. Escape the stress or everyday life or the crazy holiday season in the tropical paradise that is Hawaii.

The new wellness package is available between November 30 and December 27, 2014 and allows guests to immerse themselves into the culture and natural beauty of Maui. The program’s goal is to spiritually reconnect and physically restore each person.

Courses at Lumeria Maui include meditation, yoga, horticulture, sound therapy and many others. You will be taught by leading professionals. The packages is a three-night stay and you will enjoy a getaway that’s dedicated to providing rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit.

Guests may participate in daily on-site classes and activities such as yoga, meditations and educational offerings including aromatherapy and topics of holistic health. All meals as well as a traditional Lomi Lomi massage are included.

The Personal Wellness Escape Package at Lumeria allows guests to take up to four classes each day. Between the various program activities and your meals, relax on a hammock located in the incredible Whispering Pine Forest or take a dip and swim in the property’s gorgeous saline pool.

Lumeria’s restaurant is named MuBu and offers nutritionally-balanced menus with mouth watering choices. Th efood is delicious and uses locally–sourced ingredients that even includes produce grown on the Lumeria farm.

In addition, be sure to take in the Maui surroundings where ocean, island, mountain and tropical views are at every turn.

Pricing for the Personal Wellness Escape Package at Lumeria Maui is $1,299 per person for the first three nights. If you would like to extend your stay, each night is an additional $250.

If you are interested in booking a reservation at Lumeria Maui in Hawaii, contact one of our travel concierge specialists today. Return to follow this luxury blog and read about other luxury travel and personal health experiences.

Halulu Heiau – Kaunolu on Lanai, Hawaii

Halulu Heiau is located next to the ancient seaside village of Kaunolu on the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Halulu Heiau is well-preserved heiau and the site is simply full of beauty. It was once a very sacred refuge and traditional meeting place for Hawaiians back in ancient times.

Leaving inland from the eastern bank of Kaunolu, you will find Halulu Heiau across a wide gulch. Looking around, you’ll notice being surrounded by towering cliffs on three sides and view one of the most amazing sights in Kaunolu.

History states the after King Kamehameha the Great captured Lanai in the early 1800′s, he used the village of Kaunolu as his personal favorite vacation spot. The location offered him excellent fishing opportunities.

King Kamehameha rebuilt the old heiau that was once found on this site and declared it a luakini heiau or place of refuge.

Halulu Heiau was one of the last heiaus built on Lanai, because the old god were replaced several decades later when missionaries arrived on the island.

Overall, Halulu Heiau is in very good condition. The Bishop Museum built an interpretive hike through the Kaunolu Village and points out the heiau which is difficult to reach but can easily be viewed on the far side of the gulch.

Remember that Halulu Heiau is an ancient, religious site. Please be respectful of this ancient Hawaiian site.

To book your vacation reservation to Lanai or any of the Hawaiian Islands, please contact The Life of Luxury and one of our travel concierge specialists will help you book your trip.

Pololu Valley and Pololu Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii

Pololu Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii is a pristine and beautiful valley once inhabited by early Hawaiians, but long since abandoned because of fear of Tsunamis.

The valley, however, offers spectacular vistas of green sloping cliffs dropping into the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean below. Pololu Beach, located at the bottom of the valley, is also a gorgeous black sand beach. Because of these areas inaccessibility to cars, the area remains calm and pristine and is a great out of the way destination.

To get to Pololu Valley, drive to the very end of Highway 270 on the big island. At the parking lot/trailhead at the end of the highway you can either enjoy the spectacular Hawaiian scenery from your car, or you can take the adventurous route and hike down into the valley and onto the black sand beach below.

The hike is relatively short (about 25 minutes), but is rather steep and can be wet and treacherous. In fact, the trail was long closed due to earthquake damage, but has now re-opened to the public.

The zigzagging dirt path will take you through beautiful ironwood trees, through marshland, lead you past the creek flowing through the valley and offer you stunning views of waterfalls and the cliffs dropping into the ocean.

Once you arrive at Pololu beach, bring a picnic, spread out and relax. The breathtaking local island scenery is well worth the steep climb up and down.

Some people do brave the rough surf and go for a swim at this beach, but use extreme caution, especially in winter months as the surf and currents can be very strong.

If you are ready to book that dream vacation to tropical Hawaii, then contact one our travel concierge specialists at The Life of Luxury.

Garden of the Gods on Lanai, Hawaii

Garden of the Gods - Lanai, Hawaii

Garden of the Gods is a unique but beautiful rock formation that has been created by thousands of years of erosion. The result is colorful pinnacles and buttes in a remote canyon area on the tropical Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Deep colors of red, purple, and ochra earth, along with crusted lava create offers island visitors an incredible lunar landscape.

You want to view the Garden of the Gods either in either the early morning or late evening. The reason for this is because the sun’s rays strike the various minerals in the rock, bringing out dynamic range of colors and offering up a feast for the eyes.

What makes this Hawaiian location even more unique is the surrounding dry environment and gusty coastal winds off the Pacific Ocean.

The ancient Hawaiian legend of how Garden of the Gods actually got its name is that the massive rocks and boulders were dropped from the sky by the gods tending their gardens.

Only 4-wheel drive vehicles are allowed on the the dirt road leading to the Garden of the Gods. Be sure to check with your rental car company before making the trip.

To book a reservation to see the Garden of the Gods on Lanai, Hawaii, please contact The Life of Luxury today to experience the tropical beauty of Hawaii.