Black Forest of Germany

Black Forest region Germany

The Black Forest region is one of Germany’s most popular and scenic tourist destinations.

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful, most romantic highlands with innumerable hiking trails and opportunities to go for a swim. For more than two hundred years it has been a region of German spas famous for their hospitality.

Like Bavaria to its east, the Black Forest combines great outdoor scenery with unique local customs, products, and fare. The Black Forest is also in the middle of Germany’s timber and woodworking industry. This area contributes much of the region’s economy beyond just tourism.

In this part of Germany, the forest is everything, and therefore the forests are carefully managed. Each year, carefully selected plots of land are cleared of trees and replanted, under the watchful eye of forest rangers. The timber comes from a variety of pine tree that literally grows straight up without creating many branches, so the logs are very well suited for making lumber.

Driving through, it seemed like every town had its own lumberyard and sawmill. In between would be piles upon piles of cut logs being watered down and readied for the mill. Trucks carrying huge loads of logs were commonplace.

Black Forest is also well known for its musical diversity. From the spa concert to chamber music, music played by symphony orchestras to Swing, there is a wide range of concerts which not even every city can offer.


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