Black Diamond Engagement Ring – An Eccentric Choice

Black diamond engagement ring

There are many kinds of diamonds to choose for your loved one, especially for an engagement ring. You can actually choose different designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

Colorless diamonds are popular choices for engagement rings. A man can choose to give his bride-to-be a pink or yellow diamond engagement ring; which is preferred by a lot of women. So giving a black diamond engagement ring is not really a popular choice.

Unlike traditional colors of diamond engagement rings, a black diamond engagement ring is “unique if not an eccentric kind of ring to choose for a loved one.

There a probably a few women who would have a taste or penchant for this very odd color of engagement ring because often the color of black is associated with evil, darkness or even witchcraft. So it would be surprising if not scary to be given a ring especially a black diamond engagement ring.

But unknown to people, black diamonds are popular stone choices for male jewelries especially for Europeans. Usually black diamonds are included in wedding rings and bracelets. They are often combined with more lustrous or more colorful diamonds and other precious stones to enhance the brilliance of the colored gems or highlight the black diamond itself.

Men who offer to give a black diamond engagement ring also choose rings that are set in platinum or titanium to enhance the color of the black diamond or combine it with stones the color of their choice and have the design custom made to make it extra special.

The appearance of black diamonds may be in hues of green, gray or midnight black. The color can range from being dense or translucent in hue.

When buying a black diamond engagement ring, you need to go to an accredited jeweler because some people trick sellers by adding color to fancy stones and make it appear a true black diamond.

Be sure to ask for papers proving that you are getting the real deal on your black diamond rings

Authored by: Alice Sy


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