Barbara Padilla from America’s Got Talent

It looks like there may be a new front runner on the hit show, “America’s Got Talent.” Her name is singer, Barbara Padilla. The “America’s Got Talent” Finals begin tonight and it should be an exciting competition.

Barbara Padilla put on a wonderful performance last week. She has an absolutely beautiful voice and is an enormous talent. Padilla’s high notes are unbelievably gorgeous.

Once the Top 10 were revealed, Piers Morgan who is the lead “America’s Got Talent” judge believes that Barbara Padilla is now the show’s favorite to win the competition.

Piers’ quote was, “Barbara I watched back the performance you gave last night. I can honestly say I think it was the single greatest vocal performance we’ve ever had on America’s Got Talent.”

Here is Barbara Padilla’s amazing performance from the Finals. Enjoy …..

But will Barbara Padilla win it all? Only America will decide.



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