Barbados is Heaven on Earth

Barbados, that tiny island nation that lies in the western Atlantic Ocean. This piece of heaven on earth has one of the highest standards of living in the entire world, and if you want to spend your vacation time here, we suggest you save up … like right now.

Barbados can be pricey to say the least, but is well worth the expense. Everything in Barbados is about luxury, and if you want to while away the time, basking contentedly on the beach or shopping in the most leisurely manner, then we suggest you go to the island’s capital: Bridgetown.

Accommodations in Bridgetown are usually only divided into hotels and private villas. If you can afford the latter, then we suggest you do so, because nothing can be more luxurious than having an entire villa to yourself; with a complete staff who will be at your disposal, of course.

However, it is highly recommended that you book for accommodations months in advance – especially during the peak of the tourist season. The tourist season usually peaks during Christmas holidays and spring break.

If you prefer trying your luck with the smaller local hotels, we recommend that instead of looking into hotel names, you look into hotel locations. Some of these have the white and pinkish beach sands right at their door steps; and that is a wonderful thing if you plan to spend a lot of time on the sands.Small restaurants pepper the edges of the water and some of them are pricey at best. If you want to save a little money, we suggest you venture inland when it comes to food and beverage. Or you could always try the restaurant or bar at the hotel you are staying in. Paradoxically, some of the smaller unnamed food stalls are more expensive than the 5-star eating establishments. For adventure, you may want to set your taste buds on authentic Bajan cuisine. Try Baxter Road where there are numerous eating establishments offering this dish, not to mention beer and an assortment of tropical drinks.

Certainly, Barbados is a gourmand’s paradise, a guzzler’s haven and the nocturnal owl’s delight. If you want to spend the greater portion of your nights trying out the local food samplers, drinking beer and having easy conversations, then we recommend you hit these places: the Boatyard Bar and Grill on Bay Street (offers excellent entertainment as well); Brown Sugar Aquatic Gap (serves the best seafood dishes); Harbour Lights also on Bay Street (serves Caribbean style barbecue with live music and all you can drink beach parties 3 times a week); and the Waterfront Café Careenage (serves meals by the water with buffet dinners for most of the week.)


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