Averna Amaro – Italy’s Premier Amaro

Averna Amaro
Averna Amaro – Italy’s Premier Amaro

As the holidays near, the stress level of many people rise sharply. Do you suffer from Holiday Relationship Stress Disorder, or HRSD ?

Well eliminate the symptoms of HRSD, such as fatigue, anxiety and heightened blood pressure. A sure bet cure is Averna Amaro.

As the original Sicilian spirit, Averna Amaro is Italy’s premier Amaro and proudly one of the most celebrated Amaros in the world.

For centuries, Averna Amaro has been praised for its digestive properties and smooth yet firm taste with a full-bodied, bitter sweet finish.

Averna Amaro has satisfied people’s palates for over 150 years with its unique taste. A simple 4 oz pour of Averna Amaro neat or over ice makes the alcoholic beverage.

Averna Amaro is richly textured and made only from natural ingredients. Averna is distilled from a delicate blend of flowers, herbs, dried fruits, spices and licorice.

For a harmonious holiday season pick up a few bottles of Averna Amaro. It will ease any relationship ‘agita’ caused by the

WARNING: Consuming and/or giving Averna Amaro as a gift might result in less drama, sudden happiness and a general warm and fuzzy feeling towards your significant other.



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