Autumn Colors: New England in Fall

New England Fall foliage - changing colors

Although Spring has just finished, many smart travelers are already thinking about travel later in the year.

Autumn, or Fall as they call it in New England, has one major distinguishing feature from the other seasons: the tell-tale reds, yellows and oranges of the surrounding foliage.

New England is famous for its Fall colors. The season brings in many “leap peepers,” tourists from around the world who come with the singular purpose of staring in wonder at the dramatic golden palette of the foliage, New England in Fall promises to be unforgettable.

Creating a kaleidoscope of colors, with a palette ranging from rich reds to sunset yellows and a few token leafy greens, this is an unmissable experience for anyone with a love of nature.

Beginning in mid to late September and peaking in the middle of October, New England Fall is one of the areas major tourism selling points. You might even be lucky enough to visit in a sought after “Indian Summer” year, a mix of summer and autumn, when the temperatures are still warm but the leaves still bear the traditional spectacular color.

There are several tours available letting you explore New England in Fall, whether you want to also stop off for a few days in New York, or see the spectacular Niagara Falls, the opportunities are endless.

New England is not only renowned for its beautiful scenery, but also for its historic roots and cultural legacy having been one of the birthplaces of American Literature. There are several escorted tours that let you bathe in the magnificence of a Fall in New England, whether you want to spend a few days en-route in New York, or see the epic Niagara Falls, this is the perfect holiday for you.

All of these holidays are tailored with a different focus in mind, whether it be visiting cities to absorb their everyday beauty and culture, or immersing yourself in the wildlife. Why not take both escorted coach tours and cruises that will let you take in the wonderful visual flavors of the scenery and giving you the chance to pick the holiday best for you.

Each of these holidays bear their own quirks, to suit your needs, whether you want to pick The Glorious Colours of New England Tour and lunch in the revolving restaurant at the top of Toronto’s CN Tower or explore on the Maple Leaf Trail Tour and drive along the flawless Charlevoix Coast to go whale spotting.

All of these New England Holidays let you experience the city culture of New England as well as giving you time to absorb the colours of Fall. The colour changes, which are caused by transformations in leaf pigments, make the scenery here ablaze showering the area in brilliant reds, yellows and oranges offer a specular experience and once in a lifetime holiday snaps.

New England in Fall is a picture-perfect experience that will not only make a spectacular holiday, but leave you with a new look on the beauty of the worlds seasons. What better way to celebrate this than with an escorted tour, which gives you the variety of options to tailor your dream vacation to suit your needs. For anyone who loves Autumn and wants to see the best Fall colors the world has the offer or take some of the most beautiful scenic photographs, this is the trip of a lifetime.


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