Atlantis Submarine – A Magical Under Sea Adventure

Atlantis submarine rising

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a trip to Maui, Hawaii should definitely include an undersea adventure in the state-of-the-art, 48-passenger Atlantis Submarine.

You will experience the incredible journey as part of the Atlantis Adventure submarine tour. This excursion will provide lifetime memories as you explore the amazing Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Maui, near Lahaina.

Atlantis Adventures, is the company that’s been long recognized as one of the primary tourist attractions on all of the Hawaiian islands. Their submarine fleet offers tours around the islands of Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

You will journey into a spectacular blue world about 130 feet below the surface in spacious, air-conditioned comfort.

Each Atlantis submarine tour begins with a short ride aboard the shuttle boat “Kapena” to the sub dive site. During the ride, you will see spectacular views of the Lahaina coastline and the Hawaiian islands of Molokai and Lanai.

It’s an incredible sight as you witness the submarine surfacing in a dizzying array of bubbles from the previous tour. You first step from the ferry to the submarine and board the impressive sub, then climb down a metal ladder into the Atlantis.

Atlantis Submarine - captain

The experienced crew goes through a thorough safety check, informing us there’s never been a problem in any Atlantis location – a perfect safety record!

The interior of the sub is very clean and spacious. The sub is also air-conditioned so passengers are very comfortable during the entire trip. There are thirteen large portholes on each side of the sub for easy viewing.

Each tour is led by knowledgeable and professional guides who provide interesting information about the marine environment. They also make the journey enjoyable by adding humor to make it a fun experience for all.

One of the highlights was viewing an old, 97-foot long German freight carrier called the Carthaginian. It was purchased and purposely sunk to create an artificial underwater reef. Over time, the shipwrecked Carthaginian has turned into a self-sustaining habitat for a wide variety of indigenous fish, sea turtles, coral, and other marine life.

Atlantis Submarine - Carthaginian

We were offered close-up view of the ship and the coastline’s exotic tropical reefs.We saw many different varieties of fish, including black tip sharks and sting ray. During the winter months, keep a close lookout because you may even see whales.

Another memorable moment was when the sub was carefully rested on the ocean floor sand. To monitor the sub’s actual depth during our descent, there is a large overhead digital display.  The display reading was 128 feet down.

After the incredible undersea journey ends, it’s time to rise back to the surface, hop on the shuttle boat and head back to Lahaina Harbor.

Hats off to the professional crew of Atlantis and the awesome excursion experience.

Atlantis Submarine
658 Front St
Lahaina, HI 96761-1269
(808) 667-2224

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