Art of the Handmade Rieber Flying Tourbillion Watch

Wilhelm Rieber Black Skeleton Tourbillon
Wilhelm Rieber – Black Skeleton Tourbillon

Deemed as one of the world’s most exclusive watch, the handmade “Rieber Flying Tourbillon” is one of Germany’s best kept secrets.  Truly hand-crafted according to traditional watchmaking techniques prevalent in Germany, the “Flying Tourbillon” are unique timepieces soon to be renowned worldwide.

Adhering to the principle of “truly custom-made”, every single Tourbillon is created upon request and a unique work of art to ensure that no two watches are the same.  Every customer who places an order for the Tourbillon will receive an invite to visit Wilhelm Rieber in his small studio in Black Forrest Germany.

Meeting with Rieber will include a discussion about details of the watch, how its made, the inspiration behind the design, and its individual uniqueness.  Unlike some luxury watches of equivalent quality, watches by Rieber are not mass produced.  Only a maximum of twelve Rieber “Tourbillons” can be created.  Already recognizing the uniqueness of the Tourbillon is Formula One Worldmaster, Michael Schumacher.

Truly exclusive, the driver of painstakingly crafting each custom Tourbillon by hand is Rieber’s desire to create exclusive watches that will last forever.  A diamond is commonly known as a woman’s best friend.  From the quality of his watches and Rieber’s ambitious goals  and meticulous watchmaking techniques, the Tourbillon may very well become a man’s new best companion.

At the time of this publication, another limited Wilhelm Rieber watch is currently available for sale: “The Dragon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon.” Contact us ( if interested in learning more about any of these fine, luxury watches from Wilhelm Rieber.


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