Anna Lunna: Ultimate, Custom Couture Boot Collection

Anna Lunna boots
Courtesy of: Anna Lunna

If you’re looking for the next, hottest trend in custom-made boots, then Anna Lunna is the name to definitely watch for.

Anna Lunna is a new company based in Miami, Florida and have launched their first collection of custom-couture boots. These custom made boots are hand-tailored to a woman’s individual measurements and individual tastes.

It’s the “Ultimate Luxury” – allowing every woman to create her own pair of boots based on her individual sense of style.  The ankle boots retail for $4,500 and the knee boots retail for $5,000.

The driving force behind Anna Lunna is Ana Rita. Her story begin in the South American country of  Argentina, where Ana personally witnessed master leather craftsmen create stunning boots by hand. Ana Rita began her personal journey and  set out to bring her treasured dream to women around the world.

The result of Ana’s creative drive is Anna Lunna, the most exclusive custom couture boots in the world.  The custom-made boots are fit for the most discerning women.

Ana Rita personally designs each boot on her old drawing board inspired by the twists and turns of her own life journey. She has traveled the globe and each stop along the way holds a precious place in her heart.

Anna Lunna Boots are exclusively available at the online atelier,, where customers will be able to select from classic styles, a rainbow of colors and the highest quality leathers to create a world of possibilities and begin an unforgettable journey.

  • Anna Lunna Boots are custom-made to the specific measurements of their elite clientele by master leather craftsmen in Argentina. The bespoke combinations offer rare hides -the first collection features kid and ostrich leathers-and magnificent styles adaptable to each woman’s discerning tastes. Client will have their choice of 16 styles, 5 different heel heights, 10 different heel styles and 17 leather colors from which to create the perfect boot for day or night, ranging from a casual day look to a dressier evening look.
  • Anna Lunna also offers clients a haute couture collection where they have the opportunity to have the designer create a one-of-a-kind pair made to the client’s exact specifications, down to the last detail (such as buttons made of precious metals) from an almost infinite selection of materials – and the boots will arrive at your door a mere 45 days later.
  • Anna Lunna boots allow every woman to create her own pair of boots based on her individual sense of style. The inside label reaffirms this message: they are designed for one woman alone – their owner – yet they will benefit many others. One of the cornerstones of the brand is its commitment to giving back; every pair of boots sold sees 10% of proceeds going to WORTH, a program that gives impoverished women around the world the power to change their own personal journeys.

Ana Rita’s has a both a passion and appreciation for life. That devotion is apparent and truly defines every pair of Anna Lunnas and makes them the ideal fit for each woman’s own unforgettable journey.

Anna Lunna is a strong believer of philanthropic support and donates 10% its sales to the charity – WORTH.

Please visit for more information about her company and a preview of their entire fall-winter line, as well a schedule of upcoming trunk show appearance.

Anna Lunna boots
Courtesy of: Anna Lunna


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