Amy Smart

Amy Smart’s parents’ names are John Smart who was a salesman and Judy Carrington who worked at the Jean Paul Getty museum. A friend to the environment, Amy has worked with the Heal The Bay organization, the Environmental Media Association, and the Humane Society.

Amy Smart reached her widest audience with a co-starring role opposite James Van Der Beek in Varsity Blues (1999) as a girl who longs for life beyond her small town’s high school football-obsessed culture but who, as sister of the injured star quarterback and girlfriend of his idealistic replacement, is tied to it.

Smart continued her successful career with a bang. Smart appeared in two hit films back to back – The Butterfly Effect and Starsky and Hutch.

When asked about her funniest, most dramatic and sexiest roles, Amy Smart replies… “The most dramatic would definitely be The Butterfly Effect.”

“The funniest, I would say, is my character in Rat Race; more specifically, when I’m flying the helicopter.”

“The sexiest, I would have to say Smith! Road Trip may have been ‘sexy’ [in a collegiate way], but Smith to me is more womanly sexy. Annie really owns her sexuality — and she’s not scared to use it to get something.”


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