Amazing Dubai Fountain – Burj Dubai

Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

The incredible Dubai Fountain is one of the world’s tallest fountains.

Dubai Fountain is located on downtown Burj Dubai, in front of the ultra-luxury Burj Dubai hotel. The Dubai Fountain is about 25% larger than the stunning Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

At 902.275 feet (275 meters) long, the Dubai Fountains is more than the size of two football fields.

Designed by WET Design (designers of Fountains of Bellagio) and developed by Emaar, the Dubai fountain can spray up to 22,000 gallons (83,000 liters) of water up into the air at a time.

In addition, the Dubai Fountain water jets can shoot water as high as 150 meters – about the same as a 50-story high-rise building.

The fountains present an array of color and sound. There are greater than 6,600 lights in addition to 25 color projectors.

Enjoyed by millions of people a year, the stunning Dubai Fountain presents one of the favorites performances to the music “Time To Say Goodbye”, performed by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.


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