Aireloom King Mattress by E.S. Kluft – Biggest Bed in America!

Aireloom King Mattress by E.S. Kluft
E.S. Kluft

The drive for bigger and better is never ending.  People keep pushing the limits and try to achieve the ultimate in bragging rights and prestige.

The American bed just keeps getting bigger! The phrase “king size” is often over used, but not in this case.  The Aireloom King by E.S. Kluft & Co. is now the biggest bed in America!

Boasting a beautiful square shape, the Aireloom King mattress measures a staggering 7-by-7  feet or 20 percent larger than a traditional king size mattress.

Luxury mattresses by E.S. Kluft are world-renowned  for their exquisite hand-craftsmanship and unsurpassed comfort.

The Aireloom King “family-size” mattress is quite unique, functioning as both a  functional space in your bedroom, plus serving as a  showcase piece in a master suite.

The E.S. Kluft Aireloom King mattress also comes with a variety of accessories including: custom crystal embedded headboard and custom fitted luxe sheets.

Looking for a more flexible workspace or refuge?  No worries, E.S. Kluft offers an Aireloom King adjustable bed.

Pricing for the Aireloom King mattress begins at $7,000.  Learn more by visting


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