Ahalanui Pool on Hawaii’s Big Island

The Ahalanui Pool is the Big Island’s spa and infinity pool to the ocean. This ocean pool has only a low man-made seawall separating it from the rest of the Pacific ocean. But there’s some other magic happening below the pool’s surface.

Even though the thermal pool in Ahalanui Park has a little connection to the ocean, it is not a tide pool. It is entirely spring-fed. Fish sometimes access the pool from the ocean and the water is clear, which makes is a good spot for snorkeling

The 1960 Kapoho volcano eruption created a natural phenomenon that warms the soul — and your toes. The pool is heated naturally to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making the experience more like a heated spa or jacuzzi than the ocean.

As if a heated ocean pool is not enough, palm trees surround the pool to complete the effect of bathing in a tropical paradise. Some affectionately refer to Ahalanui Pool, in honor of the Hawaiian volcano goddess Madame Pele, as “Pele’s Bath.”

You can find Ahalanui Pool east of Pahoa on the Big Island’s east side on Highway 137 past the 10-mile marker!


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