200th Anniversary of the First Wristwatch – Breguet Celebration

Caroline Murat - Queen of Naples
Caroline Murat – Queen of Naples

Luxury watchmaker Montres Breguet, will pay tribute to the Queen of Naples through an exhibition held in Geneva’s Cité du Temps.

The exhibition in Cite du Temps celebrates the 200th anniversary of the creation of the first wristwatch in horological history.

Ordered in 1810 by Caroline Murat, sister of Napoleon and Queen of Naples, the wristwatch was completed and delivered in 1812. In addition, Breguet also plans to immortalize the 10th anniversary of its stellar Reine de Naples ladies’ watch collection.

The Queen of Naples long admired the work of Abraham-Louis Breguet, and ordered a number of watches from him, including the aforementioned first wristwatch.

The No. 2639 model was made for Caroline Murat but has never been found, creating an unsolved timepiece mystery. The Breguet company archives has retraced this historical retrospective of the unprecedented creation of this unique wristwatch.

The exhibition in Cité du Temps will immerse show visitors into a feminine atmosphere, where they gradually discover the history of this watch model and all its fascinating mysteries.


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