World’s Top 10 Most Impressive Airport Lounges

The Wing Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong International Airport lounge

We all hate to travel – the crowded airports, long lines, rude people ….. But there are ways to make our traveling experience a little nicer and also be pampered at the same time.

Check out these luxury airport lounges that are sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler.

1. The Wing – Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
The Wing is a 43000 sq ft open-air facility that features and 80ft bar (The Long Bar – featured above), four restaurants and a full-service day spa. This luxurious terminal lounge also features private cabins with showers, beds and Jacuzzi tubs. Top it all off with free Wifi, and executive office suites and you’ve got yourself quite the lounge. There’s no doubt why this lounge is always featured near or at the top of every one’s favorite airport lounge.

2. Premium Terminal – Qatar Airways, Doha International Airport, Qatar
First of all, you are greeted by a porter to take your bags and a concierge just to make sure you find all the other enclosed luxuries. If you are in need of secretarial or medical services, you’ll find both in here. Pretty nice. There is also a complete world-class spa where anti-aging facials and deep-tissue massages are administered. You can also take advantage of the Jacuzzis, and If you have kids there are a number of Wii consoles as well as a free nanny service. Definitely a relaxing way to get ready for a flight, or to recover from one.

3. Golden Lounge – Malaysian Airlines, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia
KL’s airport deserves mention to this list if only for the fact that there is a rain forest enclosed within the airport itself. Within the Malaysian Airlines Golden lounge, you will also find a river that literally runs through the terminal. Other notable amenities include: a gym, private rooms, and arcade and a full-service daycare center.

4. Lufthansa Lounge – Lufthansa, Frankfurt International Airport, Germany
Lufthansa’s Frankfurt terminal consists of a 12,000 square loft-like lounge with plenty of seating, a dining area and private office space (if you travel for work). This lounge also features a cigar lounge, and if you are a first class traveler you will have a personal assistant from checkout to departure (where you will be driven out to the tarmac on a Porsche Cayenne).

5. Virgin Atlantic Lounge – Virgin Airlines, London-Heathrow, England
Virgin’s flagship at London-Heathrow features: a lounge, a den as well as a clubhouse all done in typical Virgin style. In the lounge, you can take to the roof where you can grab a drink while you wait for your flight and catch some rays. Leave the kids in the Den where billiards and video games will occupy their short attention spans until just before departure. And if you are hungry, you can take to the clubhouse to grab a drink, where you can get anything from a light snack to a hearty and tasty plate of bangers and mash.

6. Air France Lounge at Terminal #2 – Air France, Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France
The Air France lounge at CDG Terminal 3 features some of the most useful amenities: showers and massages. While all the modern bells and whistles are nice, nothing beats a nice hot shower upon arrival. And, If you weren’t able to sleep that well, or you’re just tired from the overnight flight, treat yourself to a massage. Because hey, you deserve it.

7. Terraces Lounge – British Airways, JFK International Airport, USA
British Airways is always known to up the ante, and the Terraces Lounge at JFK International is no exception. Put trickling water fountains and nature sounds together with hydrotherapy showers, and pre- and post-flight massages and you have a way to truly relax if your coming or going. Special bonus is the faint smell of cut grass in the terminal to give it an outdoorsy feel.

8. Admirals Lounge – American Airlines, John F Kennedy International Airport, USA
American Airlines flagship lounge is a 7,000 sq ft facility that features a complete business center and cyber cafe with complimentary printer and fax services. If you want to take a break from your work there is a renowned commissary complete with world-class wine list and a diverse menu from which you can eat to your heart’s content. A number of plasma TVs (so you can watch what YOU want) and private shower facilities round out some of the most useful amenities offered here.

9. Qantas First Class Lounge – Qantas, Sydney International Airport, Australia
Designed by the world-renowned/ native Australian Marc Newson, this lounge features a 180 degree view of Sydney’s beautiful Botany Bay. The main feature of this lounge is the day spa with a number of complimentary treatments to help you relax. There is also a dozen desktop computers free-of-charge, if you didn’t bring your laptop, and private office suites if you require a bit of privacy. And if you are hungry, there is a 48-seat restaurant that boasts a menu of exotic meals from around the world.

10. The Royal Orchid – Thai Airways, Bangkok Airport, Thailand
The Royal Orchid offers complimentary traditional Thai massage to its visitors, as well as a host of other amenities, most notably world-famous Thai hospitality. Complimentary, gourmet Thai cuisine makes for a nice touch, and private meeting rooms with wifi definitely can come in handy. And just to show you that you are in fact a VIP, you can expect tarmac transport from via the airlines fleet of Mercedes-Benzes.

Source: DepartureSpa (includes additional photos)


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